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Zhao Crisis Arc


Media Information
Starting Date June 11, 2020
Ending Date July 16, 2020
Chapters 643 -648
Number of Chapter 6
Western Zhao Invasion Arc
War of Three States Arc
WHY!? Why did things turn out like this!? Why are the people of Zhao killing one another!?...Not only that...They've turned their blades on Ri Boku-sama of all people...This can't be right!! NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE!!

Kaine's lamenting

Zhao Crisis Arc is the 19th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


The story is about Zhao's crisis, from the death of Tou Jou, former King of Zhao due to poisoning, Prince Ka of Zhao trying to amend what his father ruined, Ri Boku's support of him, Kaku Kai finding ways to eliminate his rivals and the aftermath of a reversed verdict, revealing that the Prince was not the heir, but Prince Sen, a more sadistic persona than their father are.

And the infighting between Ri Boku Army and his allies and the Royalists was getting bloodier by the day, with the critics and their families killed.

Ka and Ri Boku split off after diverting the main Royal Army off their course, Ri Boku decided to go to Shi Ba Shou, the Prince will go to his own domicile.

Characters Introduced[]


  • King Tou Jou is assassinate with poisoning.
  • King Tou Jou had modified half a day before his death his last will, by the clerk Ei, to make Prince Sen his heir.
  • Prince Ka, Ri Boku and his army are in exile.
  • Prince Ka is entrenched in Houshou.
  • Shi Ba Shou agrees to grant Ri Boku and his soldiers sanctuary in his city of Seika.
  • Kaku Kai uses the strategy that Ri Boku had given him during his imprisonment for defend the front line around Kantan, fortifying Hango and Heiyou.


  • This arc is second shortest after the Third Faction Arc with it consisting of six chapters.
  • The Kantan Army had never left the capital during the reign of King Tou Jou.


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