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The Wei Military is organized from top to bottom by Great Generals, Generals, 5000-man commanders, 4000-man commanders, 3000-man commanders, 2000-man commanders, 1000-man commanders, 300-man commanders, 100-man commanders and finally Go's (five-man squads). Its most esteemed great generals are given the title of Seven Fire Dragons. Wei's specialty is its war chariots which are capable of mowing down enemy infantry with its brute force and sharp points on its sides. On the battlefield, gongs are used to relay messages across great distances. Thanks to great general Go Hou Mei they also developed several advanced war machines. There is a system where soldiers can turn in enemy heads for a bounty and this is most likely done so the state can record the number of soldiers that its enemies can put to the field.


Wei King.png
An Ri
6th King
Kei Bin.png
Kei Bin
7th King

Seven Fire Dragons[]

First Generation[]

Go Kei portrait.png
Go Kei
Leader of Go Kei Army
Slain by Duke Hyou
Earl Shi portrait.png
Earl Shi
Leader of Earl Shi Army
Slain by Ou Hon
Rei Ou portrait.png
Rei Ou
Leader of Rei Ou Army
Slain by Shin
Tai Ro Ji portrait.PNG
Ba Tou.png
Gai Mou portrait.PNG

Second Generation[]

Go Hou Mei portrait.png
Go Hou Mei
Wei's #1 Great General
Leader of Go Hou Mei Army

Great Generals[]

Ren Pa portrait.PNG
Ren Pa
Leader of Ren Pa Army
Former member of Three Great Heavens
Exiled to Chu




Kyou En Portrait.png
Kyou En
Four Heavenly Kings
Ten Bows of China
Exiled to Chu
Kai Shi Bou portrait.png
Haku Kisai portrait.png
Haku Ki Sai
Leader of Haku Ki Sai Army

Go Kei Army (Defunct)
Slain by Kan Ki

Kyuu Gen portrait.png
Fuu Haku portrait.png
Fuu Haku
Captured during a siege in the Sanyou Campaign
Ga Gyuu Portrait.png
Ga Gyuu
Leader of Ga Gyuu Army
Slain by Shin
Rin Ko portrait.png
Rin Ko
Four Heavenly Kings
Ren Pa's Flying Spear
Slain by Shin
Gen Bou portrait.png
Ma Ki portrait.png
Ma Ki
"Officer Hunter"
Go Kei Army
Slain by Shin
Shuki portrait.png
Shu Ki
"Officer Hunter"
Go Kei Army
Slain by Duke Hyou
Kan Ei portrait.png
Kan Ei
Haku Ki Sai Army (Defunct)
Leader of Kan Ei Army
Captured by the Hi Shin Unit
General Kou portrait.png
Slain by Kyou Kai
No image.PNG
Gi Chou †
No image.PNG
Gian †

1000-Man Commander[]




Gir You portrait.PNG
Gi Ryou
Haku Ki Sai Army (Defunct)
Slain by So Sui
Kou Rigen.png
Shi Tai portrait.PNG
Shi Tai
Old Earl Shi
Step-father of Shi Ei & Shi Kika
Slain by Shi Ei
Fuu Kan portrait.PNG
Fuu Kan
Slain by Ou Hon
Kan Toku Portrait.png
Kan Toku
Go Hou Mei's Body Double
Slain by Kyou Kai
Gou Tan portrait.png
Gou Tan
Slain by Shin
Duke Haku portrait.PNG
Den Toku.png
Den Toku
Archer Unit Commander
Ren Pa Army




Gen Bou portrait.png
Hyou Ki portrait.png
Hyou Ki
Eight Finger Strategist
Haku Ki Sai Army (Defunct)
Kan Ei Army
Captured by the Hi Shin Unit

Military Machinery[]

War chariot front.PNG
Vaunted Armored War Chariots.png
Armored War Chariots
Giant Siege Crossbow.png
Wei siege tower.PNG
Wei's Giant Siege Towers