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Wei Di

Weapon Info
Name Wei Di
Type Tactical Formation


A Wei Di or Sun Tzu refers to a specific type of terrain comprised of a steep entrance, mid-ground surrounded by sharp cliffs and finally, an extremely narrow exit, excellent terrain for killing the enemy. The attackers can simply unleash arrows from high ground and when the chance arises, rush down to sweep the enemy in one push. While those under attack can't even escape due to the cliffs and are easily blocked in the Bottle Neck. Not only that, but they also easily cut off from behind by the enemy, leaving them with nowhere to run. In essence, if one is able to skilfully lure their enemy into this Wei Di then even defeating an army twice your size would be a simple task.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

The Wei Di was used by Heki after he got temporarily promoted to 5000-man Commander to defeat Kyou En. It was stolen by a hidden Wei army. In return, it was stolen by Ou Sen to capture Kyou En. To recruit him into his army. Then it was stolen once again by General Ren Pa. Causing the Qin army to fall back.


  • Can defeat an army's twice your size.
  • Enemy's can't escape.
  • It can annihilate an entire army.


  • A specific location is required.
  • At some point you need to go in yourself, leaving your back defenseless.
  • It can easily be stolen.



Wei Di anime S2.PNG
Wei Di
Battle in Wei Di anime S2.PNG
Battle on Wei Di
Ren Pa Gazes On The Battle On The Wei Di anime S2.PNG
Battle on Wei Di gazed by Ren Pa