Dairyou[edit | edit source]

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Dairyou is the royal capital of the state of Wei .

Ka Hills[edit | edit source]

Hi Shin Unit is stationed here after the Sanyou Arc. (Has only a quick mention in Chapter 244)

Keiyou[edit | edit source]


Kyou City[edit | edit source]

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Kyuu[edit | edit source]


Captured by the Kan Ki Army after Mou Gou died. The commanders inside were all burned to death.

Shao Liang[edit | edit source]

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The city of Shao Liang, is located in the northwestern region of Wei. Ryo Fui attacked the city with a 200,000 man army, during Sei Kyou's rebellion as an excuse to let Sei be assassinated.

Shi City[edit | edit source]

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Shiyou Castle[edit | edit source]

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Shouryou City[edit | edit source]

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Shouryou[edit | edit source]


Rien[edit | edit source]

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