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Location Info
Name Wei
Capital Dairyou
Location(s) China
They have spent centuries warring as they are surrounded by enemy states. All their soldiers are also well accustomed to warfare. Their long tradition and use of chariots are amongst the strongest in all of China. Not to mention there is also the influence of one of the "Four Lords of the Warring States"... They are a most formidable enemy.

Shou Bun Kun on the strength of Wei to Ei Sei.

The State of Wei is located in the middle of China and is lodged between the States of Qin and Zhao which are considered to be two powerful states. Their capital city is Dairyou.

The region of Sanyou is known as the "Eastern linchpin of Wei" and comprises four cities with the Rui Plains lying to the east of these cities.


Wei...for generations they have continued to block the path to the east of Qin.

Ei Sei on Wei talking to Shou Bun Kun.

The state of Wei was formed from the partitioning of the former state of Jin. It had recently lost the region of Hanyou to Zhao who conquered it sometimes close to Ren Pa's defection to Wei.


Go Kei, a Great General led a Wei army to counter an invading Qin force led by Duke Hyou and both forces met on the Dakan Plains where Go Kei was killed. Its king granted asylum to Renpa after he left the state of Zhao due to issues between him and the Zhao king, Toujou.

The Wei region of Sanyou is invaded by the Qin who conquer three of its cities (Kourou, Kyochu, and Kyosai). Upon news of this, the king sends Renpa with an army to deal with the invaders. But Ren Pa was defeated by Mougo in the campaign of Sanyou.


Not much is known about the culture of Wei as of now, but as they are surrounded by enemy states, they are a state with a powerful military, especially their long and practiced use of War Chariots. The people of Wei have also been shown to be serious in nature, as stated in the Sanyou Campaign Arc.


The state is a monarchy run by the current king Kei Bin.

Royal Family[]

Wei King.png
An Ri
6th King
Kei Bin.png
Kei Bin
7th King
Current King

Chancellors & Prime Ministers[]

Gek Ka Kou
Prime Minister

Officials & Lords[]

Ryuu Tai portrait.PNG
Ryuu Tai
Lord of Keiyou.
Ha Ri
a Strategist & Official of the Wei Courts.


Shi Kika Portrait.PNG
Shi Kika
Lover of Shi Ei, Step-daughter of Shi Tai
Slain by Tai Roji of the Fire Dragons.


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