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Chu's War Elephant army


War Elephants used by the Chu army, originally not from China, but presumably imported from southern Asia. Used by the Ka Rin Army.


  • Their whole body is covered by a hide so thick that the average weapon is completely unable to deal a mortal wound with a normal attack. The weapon must penetrate deeply for the elephant to sustain any serious wounds.
  • Their savage personalities, they have been specially trained to attack humans.
  • They can easily break through any formation, hold back a cavalry-charge, and cause panic. Meanwhile archers on top rain down arrows at their leisure.
  • Frightens enemy troops and horses.


  • Needs a specific chain of control that shouldn't be broken. Nearly useless if not dangerous to one's own army without guidance.
  • Have to be imported from the Indian-subcontinent or Indochina along with their tribal handlers.
  • Risk of backfiring and loss of control.
  • Possibly quite expensive.