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Their long tradition and use of chariots is amongst the strongest in all of China.

Shou Bun Kun talking about Wei's war chariots

War Chariots

Weapon Info
Name War Chariots
Type Vehicles
Owner Wei Military


War chariots are two-wheeled vehicles pulled by War Horses and designed as shock weapons. The Wei pride themselves on having the strongest armored war chariots in all of China.


  • Can't be attacked from head-on, because enemy soldier will get crushed by those frenzied horses.
  • Can't be attacked from the sides, because of the overwhelming advantage in height, and if the soldier fails, they'll end up getting sliced into pieces by the bladed wheels. Making it virtually impervious to foot soldiers.


  • Ramparts and rough terrain
  • Not very durable. Will disintegrate if chariots wheels are jammed



War chariot side.PNG
War Chariot's Side View
Vaunted Armored War Chariots.png
Vaunted Armored War Chariots