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Nii Kun
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Romaji Nii Kan
Real Name Scott Darrel Vincent I. Padin
Epithet Chihiro Kosaka
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 173 (5'7)
Weight 65kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
Birthday October 23, 1996
Blood Type B+
Relatives Nelson I. Padin (Father)
Nenita U. Padin (Mother)
Shane Dave Luise I. Padin (Younger Brother)
State Philippines
Residence P. Nellas Street, Poblacion 3, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines
Location P. Nellas Street, Poblacion 3, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines
Birth Place Cebu City
Professional Information
Classification Wiki Editor
BSMT Student
Affiliates Kingdom Wiki
University Of Cebu Maritime Education & Training Center
Wiki Rights Bureaucrat
Chat Moderator
Wiki Debut March 30, 2015
Day started following Kingdom March 24, 2015
Days before doing Wikia but already followed Kingdom 6 Days

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Six Great Generals of Qin candidates


watches Anime and reads Manga. I supports Chihiro Kosaka as being the best girl and kanojo~

  • She's one of the possible candidates of being Keima's girl

(update: She is the kanojo!!)

  • Out of all the heroines conquered, she has had the most influence on Keima's development.
  • She started having feelings for Keima since before the conquest started.
  • The only reason why Keima decided to tutored 2-B Pencils with Kanon (w/o Miyako) was because of his promise to her.
  • Both of them like each other and cried on the end of Goddess Saga.
  • The reason why Keima coldly rejected her is because to protect her from Vintage
  • She's still keep things secret about the Goddesses after knowing.
  • Chihiro, even knowing that she was coldly rejected by Keima, she still helped him in Ayumi's conquests.
  • She's the only character to have been kissed more than once that isn't a demon, buddy, goddess host, or his mother. 
  • She's the only conquest girl who has appeared before her own conquest arc.