Training Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date May 9, 2013
Ending Date May 19, 2013
Chapters 101-107
Number of Chapter 7
Assassination Plot Arc
Battle of Bayou Arc

Training Arc is the 5th story arc of the Kingdom manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This arc focuses on Shin's and Ten's attempts to improve their skills in their respective fields.

Following the assassination attempt on Ei Sei, Ryo Fui, along with the top members of his faction, pay a formal visit to the king, pretending to care for his well-being. After the discussion ends, general Mou Bu requests a royal hearing and proposes the revival of the institution of the Six Great Generals of Qin, as he believes he deserves to be one of them. This proposal was turned down, however, due to the fear of a possible revolt.

After meeting the rival faction and chatting with Kyou Kai, Shin realizes that he has to get stronger if he wants to climb the ranks and be helpful to Sei. So, he decides to visit Ou Ki's City and ask for training. Ou Ki takes Shin and his companion En and throws him in a lawless area, claiming that, if he manages to help those people defend their land from intruders, then he would be worthy of his attention. Using his strategical skills, Shin manages to organize the militia into a defensive force that was able to ultimately repel their attackers.

In the meantime, Ka Ryo Ten decides to take Kyou Kai's advice and train to become a strategist. After Kyou Kai's recommendation, she is taken to the Qin Strategist Academy, where she meets Mou Ki and befriends him.

Notes[edit | edit source]

In this arc:

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