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Tou Jou
Chinese Dao Xiang Wang
Kanji 悼襄王
Romaji Tou Jou
Biographical Information
Marital Status In relationship(s)
Age Late 40s to Early 50s
Gender Male
Hair Black
Skin Brown
Distinction Decorated lipstick.
Relatives Ka (oldest son)
Yuu Boku (Youngest Son)
Earl Chou Ki (Uncle)
Kou Hi (concubine/head consort)
State Zhao
Residence Kantan (Death place)
Location Kantan
Professional Information
Affiliates Zhao Government
Political Position King
Manga Debut Chapter 108
Anime Debut Episode 25 Mentioned
Episode 40 Flashback
The Nation of Zhao, all its citizens from the top to the very bottom...I could not care less about what happens to them afterwards.

—Tou Jou expressing himself in front of Ri Boku and Zhao officials

What depraved darkness...Mind numbingly so...

—Ri Boku's inner thoughts on his king.

Tou Jou was the 9th King of the State of Zhao and the lord of Kantan.


King Tou Jou had no facial hair, painted lips and shoulder length hair. He also has heavily pierced ears, seen in his first appearance. He was seen with regal court robes. When first seen, he appeared to have a small goatee.


Tou Jou possessed a twisted personality and strongly hated being admonished by those he considered beneath him. He detested Ren Pa of the previous Three Great Heavens from the bottom of his heart for constantly warning him during his days as a prince. In his first full appearance, he was seen as being highly narcissistic and confident in the face of the news from Ri Boku of Qin's invasion, with more attention focused on his servants pleasing him, and on his pool, than on the state of his nation's borders being invaded. And he showed himself to be a complete tyrant as he publicly showed his contempt and even stated that he detested the entirety of his kingdom and would gladly see its citizens destroyed after his death. He was also a sadist as he delighted in threatening Ri Boku and his vassals, nonchalantly bite and ripped off his son, Ka’s ear while giving him a hug, and took immense pleasure in thinking of different ways to viciously torture Ri Boku during his planned execution.


As a prince, Tou Jou was regularly admonished by Ren Pa for his bad behavior and deviant misconduct. He detested the general so much that he stripped him of his rank the moment he became the king of Zhao, sending Gaku Jou to kill him with over 50,000 troops.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Advised by Ri Boku's recommendation, he made Hou Ken one of the new members of the Three Great Heavens and Commander-in-Chief of a large army with which he could invade the state of Qin.

Alliance Arc[]

When Ryo Fui kidnapped his lover, Tou Jou sent Ri Boku to Qin capital to negotiate for his release.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was initially seen in his private pool, alongside children of all genders, while rebuffing Ri Boku's pleas for reinforcements against Qin's armies. When Ri Boku himself went to Kantan, he refused to send the 100,000 strong Kantan army, while warning that the Minister and Great Heaven will lose his head and his lackeys too, should he failed. After Ri Boku exited, he laughed loudly. Then, later on, he commanded the Minister's arrest and eventual execution.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

He was seen alongside Kaku Kai, relishing many ways to execute Ri Boku while in the pool, while his loyalists are fighting Ri Boku Army.

A day before the planned execution of Ri Boku, he was seen taking a bath at the House of The Peach Spring. While he was there, he ordered the kids he was taking a bath with to give him more alcohol to drink. He started coughing blood and the kids commented that his health has been bad as of late and they suggested some rest. He agreed and said that he has had enough bathing for that day. But as he was getting out of the pool, he collapsed and started coughing more blood. He ordered the kids to call his physician but they stood by and did nothing but observe. He asked what they were doing not calling a doctor and as he was about to die, the kids started smiling thus realizing that it was the kids who poisoned him.[1]



  • While a deviant and pedophilia, Tou Jou was one of the first openly bisexual characters to appear in the series.
  • Tou Jou was suffering from an unknown illness.
  • The king himself was disliked by many of the citizens of his own state like Ren Pa of the previous Three Great Heavens, Rozo the King of the Quanrong, the city lord of Seika, Shi Ba Shou, the Great General Ko Chou, and Shun Sui Ju.


Lose Gyou and your body shall be carved into pieces, Ri Boku! And not only you, but every last one of your lackeys and followers will share the same fate! Do you hear me!? HAHAHAHAHAH!!

(Chapter 517, page 6)


Tou Jou first appearance.jpg
First Appearance
Tou Jou portrait.jpg
Tou Jou's Reintroduction
Tou Jou death.jpg
Tou Jou's death


  1. Chapter 644

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