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Tou Army
Tou Army.jpg
Group Info
Name Tou Army
Rank Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Roku O Mi
Kan Ou
Rin Bou † (Former)
Dou Kin † (Former)
Leader Tou
Ou Ki † (Former)
Strategist(s) Ryuu Koku
Commander(s) Tai Go
Kou Rou
Setsu Kou
Side Infos
Goal(s) To unite China with Ei Sei
...Tou. You are to forbid even a single man from following me into death. That applies to the army commanders too. Though you may have spent many years supporting me. It is not as if your abilities were below mine to begin with. I shall leave everything concerning my army to you from here on. With Ryuukoku as witness. I'm counting on you Tou.

Ou Ki, last words to Tou.

The Tou Army is the Remnants of the Ou Ki Army. It is the army Ou Ki built and commanded during his long military career. Now its surviving members are led by Tou, who inherited Ou Ki's position per his dying wishes.


The army's information network operates separate from that of the Qin High Command, giving them more autonomy. When being led by Ou Ki personally, they became so strong and ferocious that they have been likened to an army of demons.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc[]

They were on a neutral side, initially feigning alliance with Sei Kyou Faction during his coup. They later retreated upon Ou Ki's signal during Ei Sei Faction's recovery of Kanyou.

Keiyou Campaign Arc[]

They were seen loitering upon Dakan Plains during the battle, making Kyuu Gen think again, but were too late and he was slain. They later moved on the hill Baku Koshin Unit captured and berated Shin and Heki, leading the latter to leave. They left after some of Qin soldiers arrive at an unknown location, revealed that they intercepted Haku Ki Sai and Haku Ki Sai Army, and requested them to take them to Ren Pa.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Ouki Army heading out for Bayou

They were given command of the Qin Army to recapture Baou and Bayou, the latter known as Kyou's burial site. Initially, they enjoyed successes, until Hou Ken decided to appear. The problem became complicated when Mou Bu led his army into an ambush created by Chou Sou. They were forced to corner Hou Ken but were sandwiched by newly arrived Ri Boku Army. In the ensuing battle, Ou Ki and Chou Sou were killed by Gi Ka/Hou Ken and Tou, respectively. Zhao was forced to retreat, after killing Ou Ki.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Before the battle of Kankoku Pass, they were infiltrating enemy lines, distinct from Qin's network, when they found themselves on the defensive when the Chu attacked Nanko Fort and they tried to intercept them, only for Dou Kin to be killed. Tou was later recalled to Kanyou to be debriefed.

Battle of Kankoku Pass[]

They, alongside Mou Bu Army, were tasked to take on Chu's military-led by Kan Mei. They fought and killed Rin Bu Kun, at the cost of Rin Bou. They also fought off Ka Rin Army, nearly isolating Kan Ou and Roku O Mi's forces.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

They were tasked to capture Chiyoyou from Wei, relying upon Ou Hon's tactic of using Tou as bait while the others are on the attack. They faced Rei Ou/Rei Ou Army and Ran Bi Haku in a defensive battle while the others charged at Wei HQ, which was successful.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Initially, they were in the Wei/Qin border, facing Go Hou Mei Army. They were later tasked to assist Ou Sen Army to reinforce. They reached Retsubi, but their enemies retreated, they captured the city. They were tasked to guard the area, leaving others to return home.

War of the Three States Arc[]


Situational Members Achievements[]

Bayou Campaign[]

Battle of Chouhei[]

  • Slew Great General Chou Katsu, claiming decisive Qin victory.

Sei Kyou Rebellion:[]

Battle of Bayou:[]

Battle of Kankoku Pass:[]

Chiyoyou Campaign:[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]



Tou portrait.PNG
Great General
Ou Ki portrait.png
Ou Ki
Great General (Former)
Slain by Hou Ken

Great Generals[]

Kyou portrait.png
Slain by Hou Ken


Roku O Mi.png
Roku O Mi
1st Army Commander
Ryuu Koku 2.png
Ryuu Koku
2nd Army Commander
Rin Bou Portrait.png
Rin Bou
3rd Army Commander
Slain by Haku Rei
Kan Ou.png
Kan Ou
4th Army Commander
Dou Kin.png
Dou Kin
5th Army Commander
Slain by Rin Bu Kun


Tai Go Portrait.PNG
Tai Go
Ryuu Koku Army
Leader of Tai Go Unit
Kou Rou 3.png
Kou Rou
Ou Ki Old Guard
Leader of Kou Rou Unit
Setsu Kou 3.png
Setsu Kou
Tou Cavalry Unit
Leader of Setsu Kou Unit
No image.PNG
Gyo Mou †
Leader of Gyo Mou Unit
Slain by Ka Rin Army
Ou Ki's advisor
No image.PNG
No image.PNG
Shuu Ou
No image.PNG
Sai Tou
No image.PNG
Kogan Brothers



Roku O Mi Army.jpg
Ryuukoku army.png
Rinbou Army.png
Rin Bou Army
3rd Army (defunct)
Kan Ou Army.png
Kan Ou Army
4th Army
Doukin Army2.png
Dou Kin Army
5th Army (defunct)
Ou Ki leading charge.jpg
Ou Ki main army (defunct)
Kyou with her men.png
Kyou Army (defunct)


Tou Cavalry unit.png
Tou Unit
Cavalry unit
Tai Go Unit.png
Tai Go Unit
Cavalry Unit
Ryuu Koku Army
No image.PNG
Setsu Kou Unit
Tou Unit
No image.PNG
Tou Ka Unit †
HQ Unit
Ou Ki Army
Death: Shou Mou
No image.PNG
Geni Unit
HQ unit
Ou Ki Army
No image.PNG
Shuu Ou Unit
HQ unit
Ou Ki Army
No image.PNG
Sai Tou Unit
HQ unit
Ou Ki Army
No image.PNG
Kogen Brothers Unit
HQ unit
Ou Ki Army
No image.PNG
Gyo Mou Unit †
Infantry Unit
Ryuu Koku Army
Death: Ka Rin Army
No image.PNG
Kou Rou Unit
HQ Cavarly Uniy
Ou Ki Army

Situational Members[]


Army members wear a Pearled armor and helmets. Their army wore darker blue armor and helmets in contrast to other armies.



O Ki and his commanders.png
Ou Ki with his vassals


Ouki and Vassals Anime S2.png
Ou Ki with his vassals
Tou Army's Commanders anime S2.PNG
Tou Army's Commanders