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Ten Spears
Ten Spears Portrait.png
Group Information
Status Active
State Zhao
Location Shukai Plains, Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Elite Cavalry Unit
Affiliates Zhao Military
Specialty Raigoku
Goal(s) Killing high priority targets
Prominent Personnels
Great General(s) Rin Shou Jo (Deceased)
General(s) Gyou'un (Deceased)
Group(s) Rai'un Unit
Manga Debut Chapter 543

The Ten Spears were an elite 10-man squad of the Rai'un Cavalry Unit and they are undoubtedly the best warriors of the already elite Rai'un. Considered as the cream of the crop among the Zhao Military, they were instrumental to a tactic known as the Raigoku which was developed by Rin Shou Jo and Gyou’un with the aim of taking out high priority targets.


The Ten Spears was first introduced when Gyou'un personally took a detachment of 300 of his elite Rai'un cavalry across the battlefields of the Shukai Plains, under orders to collect the head of the leader of the Gyoku Hou Unit - the young spear master Ou Hon.

When the battle was joined, as most of the 300 Rai'un struggled against the Gyoku Hou's left flank, Gyou'un, the Ten Spears and a few more elite soldiers navigated through the carnage to attack the enemy's headquarters head-on. Their superior military prowess proved too much for the HQ's defenders. The only men among the Gyoku Hou able to stand their ground against the Ten Spears were Ou Hon's personal bodyguards (who had trained their spears side by side with their leader). Using their superior numbers the bodyguards halted the advance of the Ten Spears by employing the Petal Formation but were swiftly defeated once Gyou'un showed himself and breached their formation with his glaive of nightmares.

With Ou Hon's personal guard out of the way, the Ten Spears were quick to perform their Raigoku which almost took Ouhon's. Up until that day, no other general had escaped the Raigoku, and the Ten Spears showed great faith in Ou Hon's demise - but that confidence might have been misplaced, as the Gyoku Hou was not an average military unit, just as Ou Hon was not an average military leader. Not without great sacrifice Kan Jou, Kyuu Kou and the rest of their unit were able to break the encirclement around their young master and take an unconscious Ou Hon away from the Ten Spears and back to safety. In their attempt to eliminate Ou Hon, The Ten Spears lost four of their members.

On the 15th day of the Battle at Shukai Plains. The remaining six warriors of Ten Spears accompanied their master Gyou'un in the battlefield. The Chou Ga Ryuu's army, having lost their leader, rallied and fought alongside Gyou'un army, ignoring Ba Nan Ji's order for Retreat . When the scouts found Shin, of the Hi Shin Unit, Gyou'un sent Gi Ta, Hei Shuu and Ga Kou to engaged the soldiers Hi Hyou Unit (whom were protecting Shin) and collect their captain's head. Shortly after, Ou Hon and his Gyoku Hou unit struck and were heading straight after Gyou'un, The fifth, fourth and first Spears were dispatched (Kou Shuu, Haku Ya and Den Pou, respectively) to fend off the newcomers' attack.

While the Ten spears fought ferociously, their master Gyou'un was slain in single combat by the leader of the Gyoku Hou unit.

It is uncertain what happened to the surviving Spears - one of them had grievous neck wound while dueling Shou Taku -  And the entire Rai'un unit quickly routed after Gyou'un's death.



Gyou Un.png
Slain by Ou Hon

Known Members[]

Den Hou.jpeg
Den Pou
(First Spear)
Slain by Shou Taku
Hei Shuu
(Third Spear)
Slain by Ga Ro
No image.PNG
Haku Ya
(Fourth Spear)
No image.PNG
Kou Shuu
(Fifth Spear)
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The Ten Spears.jpg
Ten Spears
The elite 10-man squad of the Rai'un Unit.
Ten Spears and Gyou'un.png
The Ten Spears forming up around their master Gyou'un.
Ten Spears VS Bodyguards.png
Ten Spears facing Ou Hon's personal bodyguards.
Raigoku used against Ou Hon.
Ten Spears overwhelming Ou Hon.png
Ten Spears overwhelming Ou Hon.
Ten Spears aftermath.png
The remaining Ten Spears watch the retreating Gyoku Hou.
Gyou'un and the Ten Spears - 15th day.png
Gyou'un and the remaining Spears take to the field once again at the 15th day of the Battle at Shukai Plains.
Ten Spears Lieutenants.png
Gi Ta, Hei Shuu and Ga Kou, discussing their next victim.
Kou Shuu, Den Pou and Haku Ya.png
Kou Shuu, Den Pou and Haku Ya commanded to strike at the Gyoku Hou Unit.
Shou Taku slays one of the Spears.png
Shou Taku slays one of the Spears after they hear about Gyou'un's death.