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Sou Kyuu Unit
Sou kyou unit portrait.PNG
Group Info
Name Sou Kyuu Unit
Named by Duke Hyou
State Qin
Part of Duke Hyou Army (Defunct)
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Defunct (Wiped Out)
Group Personnel
Reporting to Duke Hyou
Leader Sou Gen
Units Mounted Archers
Side Infos
Specialty Roaming force comprised of mounted archers

The Sou Kyuu Unit (Azure Bows) was a unit in the Duke Hyou Army.


Formation and Renown[]

It consited only of mounted archers and was led by Sou Gen, one of the Ten Bows of China. They were feared by the enemy and had slain numberous commanders. Their skills were also top notch, as their men could easily pierce their enemy's helmets with their arrows while riding horses.

Unit's Demise[]

One day, they were sent on a mission to save some other soldiers of the Duke Hyou Army who had been cornered. When they arrived, they were ambushed and the entire unit was wiped out with Sou Gen himself being slain. Yet, they still managed to help the cornered soldiers escape. One of these soldiers was Gaku Rai, who is now a 1000 man commander in the Hi Shin Unit.