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Sou Jin
Sou Jin portrait.PNG
Romaji Sou Jin
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Late Teens to early 20s
Gender Male
Relatives Sou Gen (Father)
Sou Tan (Younger Brother)
State Qin
Residence Taikin Mountains (Qin)
Location With the Hi Shin Army
Birth Place Taikin Mountains (Qin)
Professional Information
Classification Archer
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Hi Shin Army
Military Rank Recruit
Equipment Bow
Manga Debut Chapter 491

Sou Jin is a new rookie member that serves in the Hi Shin Army as a archer.


He has big eyes and a small build. This gives him a young appearance. His hair is middle-long and his face is cleanly shaved. He wears two small feathers on his head.


A young man with spunk, he is not afraid to speak what's on his mind but also does not want to embarrass himself in front of others. He also admires the Hi Shin Unit and their moral code.


Sou Jin's father Sou Gen went to the military to challenge the Ten Bows of China. When he and his brother protested due to a lack of stable food supply, their father told them to hunt with their bows. Sou Gen got drafted into the Duke Hyou Army and died soon after. So he and his brother assumed, that he got trampled down during one of the Duke's wild charges. After their father's death, he and his brother eked out a living as hunters in the mountains; constantly competing with each other to hone their archery skills.


Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

Sou Jin and his brother, Sou Tan, wanted to apply for the Hi Shin Unit because they had a very good moral codex. Yet they didn't make it through the strength & endurance test. However, once that they showed their supreme archery skills, they were recruited as talented specialists.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Sou Jin and his brother try to teach the other archers of the Hi Shin Unit how to shoot as they do. But they are not very good at explaining their technique.

Later when the Yo Tan Wa’s detachment is sieging the city of Retsubi Jin and Tan are drafted to the Chou Ka Tribe to clean the walls for Ba Jio's clan, who is going to create a foothold. At first, he is trembling, because he can see the faces of the Zhao defenders. But then he gets a grip and starts to shoot in order to defend their allies. At first, he is targeting the officers of the archer squads and then starts to clean the wall with stunning accuracy. When Ba Jio and his men are at the top of the ladder, he kills the whole shield wall with arrows and the foothold is created.

At the Battle at Shukai Plains, he was seen with his bro Sou Tan are supporting Hi Shin Unit from behind, wounding a member of Ten Spears clashing with Ga Ro. He later tries to rescue Ka Ryo Ten from Kin Mou's hands but incapacitated when a horse knocked him out. He was nearly killed if not for Sou Tan's attack, killing all attackers, and eventually Kin Mou.


Strength 92
Leadership 68
Intelligence 75
Experience D
Ten Bows of China entry ranker theory

Physical Abilities[]

Archery: Sou Jin had inherited the extraordinary archery skills of his father Sou Gen who was one of Ten Bows of China. He can consistently hit targets at 500 paces and can hit a target at ten times the standard range with a straight arrow flying through a field full of training soldiers with no one being hurt by their arrow. Sou Jin was able to slain multiple commanders with precision.



Ba Toku.png
Sou Jin slays Ba Toku
First Kill
Sou Jin slays Den'i
Second Kill
Sou Jin lands 10.png
Sou Jin and Sou Tan land 8 out of 10 arrows at 500 paces
Sou Jin lands arrow.png
Sou Jin shows off his skill
Sou Jin first battle.png
Sou Jin's first battle
Sou Jin slays Ten

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