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Sou Gen
Sou Gen portrait.PNG
Romaji Sou Gen
Epithet Ten Bows of China
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Widowed
Age 40s
Gender Male
Relatives Sou Jin (Eldest Son)

Sou Tan (Youngest Son)

State Qin
Residence Taikin Mountains (Qin)
Birth Place Taikin Mountains (Qin)
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Duke Hyou Army (Defunct)
Sou Kyuu Unit (Defunct; Wiped Out)
Military Rank Commander
Equipment Bow and Arrows
Manga Debut Chapter 492

Sou Gen was the commander of the Sou Kyuu Unit, a Cavalry Archer Unit in the Duke Hyou Army. He was one of the Ten Bows of China as well as the father of Sou Jin and Sou Tan.


Sou Gen had long hair, long eyebrows and a goatee. He was wearing robes and had a long feather in his hair. He also wore a bracer on his left arm and carried his quiver on his lower back.


Sou Gen lived in the Qin mountains with his two sons, Sou Jin and Sou Tan. He was an exceptional master in archery.

Sou Gen wanted to challenge Bashuri of Wei, so he left his family and headed to battlefield to join the Qin military. He was drafted to the Duke Hyou Army. When his sons objected due to a lack of a steady food supply, he dismissed their concerns by reminding them they could still hunt with their bows.

During a battle, Sou Gen had an archer duel with Duke Haku of Wei, a man considered to be one of the Ten Bows of China. With Sou Gen's sixth arrow, he pierced the right eye of Duke Haku. From that shot, Sou Gen was recognized as one of the Ten Bows of China.

Following that event Duke Hyou appointed Sou Gen to create and lead the special Sou Kyuu (Azure Bows) Unit. A roaming force comprised solely of mounted archers which lead the Duke Hyou army to many victory. The Azure Bows unit killed many enemy officers and saved many allies during Sou Gen's short period in the army.

Unfortunately, Sou Gen and the Sou Kyuu Unit were wiped out in a massive ambush while saving a group of cornered soldiers form the Duke Hyou Army with Gaku Rai among them. Because of that, his military career was cut short with the majority of those outside the Duke Hyou Army unaware of his achievements; including his sons. This changed once his sons enlisted into the Hi Shin Unit and encountered former members of the Duke Hyou Army.


As one of the former Ten Bows of China, and to defeat one of the Ten Bows, there's no doubt that Sou Gen was the best archer in Qin and one of the best of all the Ten Bows. Because of his talents, he became one of the higher up commanders in Duke Hyou Army and was awarded to create and led a special mounted archery unit, guiding his allies to many victories in his short military career.

Physical Abilities[]

Archery: Sou Gen was extremely proficient with archery. He was able to hit a target 8 out of 10 times at 500 paces. Because of his skill, he killed Duke Haku, one of the Ten Bows, in a archery duel, earning him a seat of Ten Bows of China. He became the only archer from Qin in Ten Bows and was able to pass his archery knowledge to his sons.


Sou Gen created Sou Kyuu Unit, a special mounted archery unit. From there, he led his unit in frontlines, killing many enemy and saving many allies.


  • Killed Duke Haku in an archery duel
  • Created Sou Kyuu Unit, a special mounted archery unit.


Sou Gen-vs-Duke Haku.PNG
Sou Gen vs. Duke Haku
Archery duel
Duke Haku portrait.PNG
Duke Haku is shot in the eye by Sou Gen
Sou kyou unit portrait.PNG