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You jest, captain. We are the Hi Shin Unit. If it's where the captain is headed then we will accompany you no matter what deathtrap it may be!

—So Sui to Shin before charging Gen Pou's HQ

So Sui
Chinese Chu Sui
Kanji 楚水
Romaji Soo Suuii
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age Mid 30s to Early 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Brown
Distinction A scar across his left eye and cheek.
Relatives Unknown
State Qin
Location Zhao, Hi Shin Army
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Kaku Bi Unit (Former)
Hi Shin Unit
So Sui Unit
Military Rank 1000-Man Commander
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 201
Anime Debut Episode 55

So Sui is one of the central figures within the Hi Shin Army and a 1000-Man Commander. He was allowed to retain his rank as a lieutenant when 700 men of the Kaku Bi Unit were added to the newly promoted 1000-Man Commander Shin's Hi Shin Unit during the Sanyou Campaign Arc.


So Sui has a small goatee, a mustache, and a scar across his left eye. He has long black hair. He usually wears the standard Qin commander's attire and a bright-colored cape.


So Sui is a serious and very responsible person. He has an eye for detecting capable individuals, whom he selflessly follows in order to serve his state's interests. He serves Ri Shin faithfully just as he did with his deceased lord.



Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

So Sui was the second in command in the Kaku Bi Unit. After Kaku Bi was slain by Rin Ko, he joined the Hi Shin Unit with 700 men of the former Kaku Bi Unit. He was shocked at Kyou Kai's strategic plans set during the preparations, calling her a genius.

Prior to the first battle in the Sanyou Campaign, So Sui informed Shin that their opportunity to take the needed heads of enemy commanders may soon come as the Hi Shin unit would be part of the second attack wave. After Gen Bou's smokescreen halted their momentum, he told Shin that they had been outplayed as they had been robbed of vision and the men couldn't move due to this. When Kyou Kai revealed the trick used to track them, Shin got the men ready to target the enemy commander's position and took the cavalry unit with him to do so. So Sui objected at first but joined in the attack and ordered the Retsu Brothers to defend Shin as they charge at Gen Bou. They almost reached Gen Bou before falling prey to another of his traps hidden in the ground. On the fifth day of the battle, he charged in with Shin and his men was fired up to confront the man that killed their late commander. He held the path open with cavalry from the Hi Shin unit, battling Wei troops while Shin headed in to fight Rin Ko. Kyou Kai came to his rescue as they retreated from the Wei lines.

On the sixth day of the battle, he fought along with the Hi Shin unit as they halted Rin Ko's charge after the Wei general used the Rindou. As Shin dueled Rin Ko, So Sui halted any unit members who tried to help, stating that they would disgrace Shin by doing so. Seeing Gi Ryou attempting to interfere with the duel, So Sui cut him down with his glaive but was then injured by Rin Ko who reacted reflexively to his presence.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

Put in charge of organizing the logistics and supplies of the Hi Shin Unit

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass, So Sui and 150 of his cavalrymen were directed by Ka Ryo Ten to cut off Man Goku's escape route. They were instrumental in stalling the Zhao soldiers trying to escape with Man Goku and the time was utilized wisely, resulting in Shin slaying Man Goku in combat. The Hi Shin Unit then retreated and escaped retaliation from the angry remnants of the Man Goku Army.

After the Coalition War ended and Shin became a 3000-Man Commander he is seen talking to the newly joined Gaku Rai about how young the Hi Shin Unit is.

Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc[]

So Soui is seen spitting out his drink along with the rest of the shocked Hi Shin Unit when Kyou Kai declares her intentions to having Shin’s children.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

During the Chiyoyou Campaign So Sui was attacked by Gai Mou early in the battle and was put out of commission for the duration of the campaign.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

On the night of the first day of the Battle of Koku You Hill, So Sui was seen asking Shin about Kyou Kai whereabouts. On the third day, he was attacked by Ba Tei and put out of commissions for the rest of the campaign.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

So Sui was seen disappointed at how lax Ka Ryo Ten and Kyou Kai were in selecting new recruits.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]


Strength 81
Leadership 85
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Strength 81
Leadership 83
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Assistance 90
Strength 80
Leadership 82
Intelligence 85
Experience C
Assistance 88

    As a lieutenant of Hi Shin Army, So Sui shows to be a capable military commander. According to Kyou Kai, the Hi Shin Unit will have need of him in the future.

    Physical Abilities[]

    So Sui is proficient in the use of a glaive and was able to decapitated Gi Ryou with a single strike.


    So Sui can command troops effectively in battlefields.

    Tactical Abilities[]

    Prior to Ka Ryo Ten's arrival, So Sui was responsible for organizing the logistics and supplies of the unit. He is capable of handling the unit's strategic tactics.


    Gir You Vs So Sui.jpg
    So Sui decapitates Gi Ryou.
    So Sui cut down by Rin Ko.jpg
    So Sui wounded byRin Ko.
    The Hi Shin Unit to the Rescue!!.png
    So Sui with the Hi Shin Unit as they arrive to save the Duke Hyou Army from the Man Goku Army during the Coalition's Invasion.
    Gai Mou Confronts So Sui.PNG
    So Sui meets Gai Mou on the field of battle.
    So Sui cut down by Gai Mou.png
    So Sui survives Gai Mou's strike.
    Ba Tei cuts down So Sui.png
    So Sui and his men face the mighty Ba Tei.
    So Sui without a helmet.png
    So Sui without his helmet.
    So Sui Orders a Charge.png
    So Sui leading the charge.
    So Sui Sent Flying anime S2.PNG
    So Sui sent flying after his horse got impaled with a picket trap
    So Sui And Gir You Confront anime S2.PNG
    So Sui confronts Gi Ryou
    So Sui Decapitates Gir You anime S2.PNG
    So Sui decapitates Gi Ryou
    So Sui And Rin Ko Confront anime S2.PNG
    So Sui confronts Rin Ko
    Rin Ko Cuts Down So Sui anime S2.PNG
    So Sui cut down by Rin Ko
    So Sui Wounded anime S2.PNG
    So Sui wounded
    Ka Ryo Ten and So Sui's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
    So Sui meets Ka Ryo Ten

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