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Show him how fearsome your echelon formation truly is, Ri Haku.

Chou Sou's monologue about Snake


Weapon Info
Name Snake
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Ri Haku

The Snake is a tactical formation used to envelop charging enemies so they are trapped on all sides. It relies on the movement of the troops simultaneously to ensnare or surround their opponent as they make contact with the army using the formation. It is most likely named for its versatility on the battlefield in terms of the troop movements when using the move. The only known user of this formation in the series is Ri Haku.


The formation is first seen in the second battle between the forces of Zhao general Ri Haku and Qin general Mou Bu when both armies fought near Bayou. It most likely has been used by the Zhao general in previous battles.


The formation has been seen performed when the troops are in echelon formation which steers the enemy from their original point of impact. It begins with the troops set up into two sections and once contact is made, the rear section moves to the side to bolster the center from behind. This is followed by the front section splitting off to attack the enemy's rear and envelop them within the army like a snake swallowing its prey.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

Its strength is in its versatility and ability to attack from all sides when the opposing force is trapped within. The goal would be to panic the opposing force so when they broke, it would be an all out slaughter.

The weakness is that in the face of an army led by a strong, calm general who can easily break through troops, its versatility becomes useless.



The start.jpg
Snake's movement
Snake surrounds the forces


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Snake surrounds the forces