For the other states, it was as if six ferocious dragons had been set loose into the wild, free to do as they pleased.

Heki telling Shin about the Six Great Generals of Qin.

Six Great Generals of Qin
Six great generals portrait
Group Info
Name Six Great Generals of Qin
Rank Great General
Location Qin
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Haku Ki
Ou Ki
Ko Shou
Ou Kotsu
Shi Ba Saku
Leader Haku Ki
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The Six Great Generals of Qin were a famous group of Qin's Great Generals personally appointed by King Sho to do battle in his name as he aspired to rule over all of China. These great generals were given the right to freely make war on neighboring states which meant that their autonomy made it difficult for other states to predict their actions. This system made Qin a state to fear as it gave them a vast amount of military intimidation.


Qin was considered the most dangerous state in all of China during the time of King Sho and would cause enemies to lock their gates when one of their armies drew near. Some would actually open their gates and surrender rather than challenge the famous group of generals.


During the reign of King Sho, the war-hungry monarch created this system as a means through which he would establish his rule over all of China.


The greatest strength of the system was the caliber of the generals chosen to be one of the six and the autonomy is given to each general to conduct separate wars on King Sho's behalf, with the six acting as a strong independent force in the warring states. In addition to this, the skills and strengths of the chosen generals helped spread the word of Qin's military might to all. Their strength was considered on par with Zhao's Three Great Heavens, and the "Military God" Gaku Ki of Yan.

Ou Ki commented that one would need to have experienced a hundred battles and have the immense martial talent to be considered in the same class as the Great Generals.

Weakness Edit

Despite this, its weakness was the risk of rebellion that came from handling thousands of men over to a single general to command. This was not a problem in King Sho's time due to the unshakeable "loyalty of iron" that existed between the king and the six generals. The system required a constant resupply of soldiers and supplies which puts a great strain on the Qin state. 


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Haku Ki
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Ou Ki
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Manga Edit

Surrender to Ouki
A city surrenders to Great General Ou Ki and his army
Kyou joins six great generals
The ceremony of appointment by the King
Six Generals
Qin Six Great Generals
Great Generals portrait
The six great generals on their horses
Three of Six Great Generals
Ouki, Haku Ki, Ko Shou

Anime Edit

Six Great Generals of Qin anime S1
Six Great Generals of Qin
201070241 624
Qin Six Great Generals vs Zhao Three Great Heavens


  • Ren Pa mentions that a Great General needs "the willpower, arm strength, luck, knowledge, and experience of a hundred men".
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