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Weapon Info
Name Flags
Type Signaling System
Used by Qin

Signaling system is a system that uses a single or multiple flags to organize troops movements. Every state has its unique color system that they use for sending messages to their troops. This is good way to safely communicate with soldiers of different units at the same time over long distances. This is as long they can see the flags. Usually these flags are posted at a high location in order to make it possible to see the flags at long range.


  • Sends signal to attack.
  • Sends signal to hold position.
  • Sends signal to which location a specific unit needs to move.
  • Sends signal where enemy units are located.
  • Sends signal when a specific person is in combat.
  • Sends signal when important person is killed.


  • Are color coded messages that only soldiers of that state knows its meaning.
  • Send messages to all the units at the same time.
  • Send messages over long distances.


  • Units need to be able to see the flags.
  • Soldiers can be taken hostage in order to steal the color codes.
  • Only predetermined messages can be sent.
  • All units need to learn the meaning of the colors.



Flags anime S1.PNG
Notifying that Ou Ki has entered the mountains