Sifting Sands Formation
Sifting Sands Formation.png
Weapon Info
Name Sifting Sands Formation
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Chou Ga Ryuu

Sifting Sands Formation is a defensive tactic used by Chou Ga Ryuu. It allows him to create an iron wall defense worthy of a member of Three Great Heavens.

Description[edit | edit source]

The formation was deployed in a checkerboard pattern, using the Dojaku elite cavalry at the front and leaving intentional gaps in the infantry positions to allow for a more fluid combat style, where units could surge forward to release their missiles and readily fall back to the mainline. This kind of deployment also allows the vanguard to be very easily reinforced by fresh troops moving through the gaps. On the other hand, enemies advancing through the same gaps would quickly find themselves being attacked by three fronts simultaneously.

Strengths & Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The Sifting Sands Formation can only be overcome by sheer brute force, but if the formation is broken by a powerful enough charge, it is still possible to trap the enemy with a well-executed maneuver. During his battle against the Hi Shin Unit, the cautious Chou Ga Ryuu purposely left a detachment of his Jo men of the Dojaku elite cavalry (including their two captains), placed at a strategic position to the rear in order to do so.

As the enemy finally broke his Sifting Sands formation, Chou Ga Ryuu drew from his experience fighting fierce generals that lead from the front, and used himself as bait to lure the incoming hostiles into a kill-zone where his pursuers would be suddenly flanked by his Jo cavalry, thus becoming pinned down and soon to be encircled by the remaining Dojaku cavalry who had been previously fighting at the front of the Sifting Sands.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sifting Sands Formation.png
Sifting Sands Formation
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