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Shun Sui Ju
Shun Sui Ju.jpg
Chinese Shùn Shui Sui
Kanji 舜水樹
Epithet "The Orphan of the North"
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age Mid 20s
Gender Male
Height Small
Hair Silver
Relatives Unknown
State Zhao
Location With Ri Boku Army
Professional Information
Classification General
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ri Boku Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 484

Shun Sui Ju is a Zhao General and the deputy of Ri Boku. He served as Zhao's Commander-in-Chief during the Battle of Ryouyou.


He has short silver hair and a frowny face. He wears light robes, and during battles, he wears a heavy, ornamented armor with two wolves as an emblem on the chest. His face is always shown with a calm expression.


Calm and respectful towards those of a higher ranking, Shun Sui Ju is highly intelligent and very obedient to his lord, Ri Boku as he follows orders without any questions. He also is surprisingly bold and flashy despite his face, as he made a grand entrance during the Battle for Ryouryou as he personally challenged Yo Tan Wa and his conversations with the king of the Quanrong, Rozo.

Despite his calm expressions, Shun Sui Ju is also capable of showing potent rage as he nearly killed the messenger that delivered the news of Ri Boku's arrest and imprisonment in the capital of Kantan and was greatly enraged at the idiocy of the Zhao king, stating that he will save his lord even it means committing regicide and treason.


Shun Sui Ju apparently has a history with the Xiong Nu as he is able to speak their language fluently to King Rozo of the Quanrong.


Koku You Campaign Arc[]

Shun Sui Ju is first seen, together with Ri Boku and Ba Nan Ji. After Kan Ki defeated Kei Sha during the Battle of Koku You Hill. Shun Sui Ju expresses his disappointment at Kei Sha’s death but is optimistic in the discovery of Kan Ki’s apparent weakness and the hidden talent of Ki Sui of Rigan.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

He accompanies Ri Boku to Kanyou, to announce war.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He gathers information in the front lines for Ri Boku to keep tabs on the Qin state's military actions.

He later became Rozo's adviser and tactician on Quanrong's battle against Yo Tan Wa Army in Ryouyou. He later took charge of Rozo's Quanrong and his own Zhao troops in Ryouyou and acted as the Quanrong King's tactician.

On the 9th day, he was seen with Rozo giving chase to the retreating Yo Tan Wa Army with Kou Son Ryuu.

On the 10th day, after he received news that Ryouyou was under attack from Enshu Tribe, he retreated with the Zhao army, leaving Rozo and his personal army to deal with the remaining Mountain Tribes. After arriving around the morning, he bore witness to the captured city of Ryou You baring the flags of the Mountain Tribes along with Enpo and his tribe standing on the walls of the city cheering. Later on, he is told by an old warrior of the Quanrong that they have decided to join hands with Yo Tan Wa and the Mountain tribes as they viewed her to a liberator rather than a conqueror, he was warned that if he goes to Gyou, he will face their wraith, and they let him and the remaining Zhao army fall back.

After falling back, he went to Retsubi and fortified it, sealing the only escape route left available for the Qin. After the 18th day of the campaign for Gyou, he is seen again with the guardian deity of the royal capital, Ko Chou as they try to prevent the Qin from resupplying their exhausted armies with food rations. He snapped and nearly killed the messenger when hearing the news about Ri Boku's imprisonment, decides to return to Kantan with Ko Chou.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

Months later, He long with Kaine, and other Ri Boku loyalist launched several attacks against king Tou Jou's faction, in order to rescue Ri Boku from being executed.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

When Ri Boku returns from his exile Ba Nan Ji leaves Seika city with him and joines the frontlines.[1]


Strength 83
Leadership 90
Intelligence 93
Experience B
Cool hairstyle

As one of Ri Boku's closet vassals, Shun Sui Ju proves to be very capable general. He was assigned by Ri Boku to serve as the Zhao's Commander-in-Chief during the Battle of Ryouyou, demonstrating his prowess.

Physical Abilities[]

Swordsmanship: He seems to be capable swordsman as he was able to lead a cavalry charge and kill many warriors of the mountain tribes with his blade.[2] When angered he was capable of cracking a stone floor with a single swing.

Tactical Abilities[]

Shun Sui Ju is very intelligent and perceptive as he deduces the Qin army's actions of changing directions at Kinan, based on information he received from his spy network and during the Battle for Ryouryou, he was able to destroy most of the He Ki Army's food supplies by using underground tunnels of the Quanrong that they were not aware of. He was able to predict and deduces Yo Tan Wa's plan on killing the Quanrong commanders on the 9th day of battle and made preparations to prevent it. He also seems to have several tactical abilities and is capable of psychological warfare. After his arrival at the battlefield, he tried to provoke Yo Tan Wa by killing her soldiers in front of her and challenging her personally.


YTW vs SSJ.jpeg
Shun Sui Ju facing Yo Tan Wa's army during the Battle of Ryouyou.
SSJ unit.png
Shun Sui Ju's soldiers kill members of Mountain tribes in front of Yo Tan Wa.
Shun Sui Ju challenge.png
Shun Sui Ju challenging Yo Tan Wa.
Shun Sui Ju and Rozo.
Shun Sui Ju Returns.png
Shun Sui Ju burns Kai Oku's supply convoy before Retsubi.
Shun Sui Ju's Rage.png
Displaying his rage towards the messanger after hearing about Ri Boku's arrest.


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  2. Chapter 527 Page 9

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