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Shu Kei
Chinese Zhu Jing ?
Kanji 朱景 ?
Biographical Information
Deceased (Died of Childbirth)
Marital Status Married
Gender Female
Relatives Ou Sen (Husband)
Ou Hon (Son)
Sai Ka (Daughter-in-law)
Unnamed infant grandson
State Qin
Professional Information
Affiliates Kan Family
Ou Family
Manga Debut Chapter 577

Shu Kei was a noblewoman from the Kan Family that became the wife of Ou Sen and the mother of Ou Hon. She died while giving birth to her son.


She was said to be a woman of great intelligence and formal education.


Shu Kei was born into the noble Kan Family. Because of that, she had many suitors who vied for her favor. Later she married into the Ou Family and became pregnant. However, a rumor began to spread that before the wedding with Ou Sen, she had a lover and she was already pregnant before they were wed. When Shu Kei was questioned about it, she refused to say anything. Later she died while giving birth to Ou Hon, starting the cold treatment from Ou Sen to his "son".


  • While it's not confirmed, due to her being a member of Kan Family it's possible she is related to Kan Jou.