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Shou Mou
Chinese She Meng
Kanji 涉孟
Romaji Shou Mou
Epithet General of Destruction
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Age 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Umber
Skin Pale
Distinction Fat chins
State Zhao
Location Bayou (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Shou Mou Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Crescent Blade Pole Arm
Manga Debut Chapter 115
Anime Debut Episode 26
Game Debut Kingdom: Ikkitousen No Tsurugi!

Shou Mou was a Zhao General who was under the command of Hou Ken during the Zhao invasion of Qin. His specialty was destructive power.


He appeared as a heavy set man who had no hair on his head except for a braided top knot. Shoumou was somewhat fat as he had "multiple chins" but this belied his destructive power on the battlefield. His large appearance lead some to call him a pig as an insult.


He was quite arrogant and prideful of his own abilities as he believed he was far stronger than General Ou Ki and questioned Hou Ken's lack of involvement in the first battle, saying he cheapens the name of the "Three Great Heavens". Shou Mou was quick to say what is on his mind as he criticizes Ri Haku for his poor performance against Mou Bu. He was shown to have some cunning as he put a decoy Qin flag to lure out remaining stragglers from the defeated army previously led by Kan Ou. Shou Mou had a very low opinion of the Qin as he called them "mountain monkeys".  


Nothing is known about him prior to the Qin-Zhao conflict.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Shou Mou is first seen leaving the Zhao royal capital of Kantan with Hou Ken and the other Zhao generals as they hear of the approaching Qin army led by General Ou Ki. Arriving at the same time the Qin relief army does, he comments that they should not go for the Qin but ignore them and continue their siege on Bayou. On the battle field, Shou Mou is given 20,000 troops and positioned on the left wing of the Zhao army beside Vice General Man Goku.

He led the vanguard to attack the Qin army on the right, devastating their lines with his ferocious power. The Zhao vanguard would have advanced further towards the Qin headquarters if not for the retreat signal which was sounded after the death of General Fuu Ki. Back at the Zhao army HQ, he states how unbelievable it is that Fuu Ki was slain and mocks their leader Hou Ken. After Ri Haku's loss to Mou Bu, he is surprised that the entire army will be used to take out the Qin general and is pleased that he will be the one to take his head. He goes to the field littered with dead Zhao to scout the battleground and notices Houken on a distant cliff as he talks with Ri Haku. Shou Mou comments that there are still two empty seats for the Three Great Heavens and he will take one of them after killing both Mou Bu and Ou Ki.

Surprised at the charge by all five Qin armies, he encounters Commander Rin Bou who calls him a pig and says that he should stop spouting garbage. He is later seen at a decoy Qin flag laid out for stragglers and spots the Hi Shin Unit heading towards it. He orders his men to attack them but General Ou Ki and his army appear in the nick of time to save them. He laughs at how fate delivered the Qin general into his hands and proceeds to cut down any Qin in his vicinity. Shou Mou charges at Ou Ki, confident that he will surpass the legend and become the strongest on the battlefields of China. That dream is cut short as General Ou Ki cuts him in half with his glaive, ending the Zhao general's life.


Strength 93
Leadership 80
Intelligence 78
Experience B
Mistakenness: 90 Oink
Strength 93
Leadership 80
Intelligence 78
Experience B
Mistakenness: 90 Oink
Strength 93
Leadership 80
Intelligence 78
Experience B
Mistakenness: 90 Oink

    Shou Mou was a general who emphasized offensive charges and was given the role of leading the Zhao vanguard at the Battle of Bayou. Shou Mou was exceptionally strong as he easily kept his army in tact whilst thwarting one of Ou Ki's close aides charge. He was able to intimidate some wild dogs into dispersing from the field and has a hobby of scouting the battlefield early in the morning. Although strong, Shou Mou has an air of arrogance about him and seems to underestimate his opponents. This led ultimately to his defeat by Ou Ki who cut him down with a single stroke from his glaive. 

    Physical Abilities[]

    As an offensive general, Shou Mou was a strong warrior who wields a a crescent shaped blade polearm, cutting down multiple opponents with a single swing. He is proved to have more muscle than fat and was physically strong enough to crush a man's head with his bare hand. his strength is statistically equal to that of the Wei General Rin Ko though, he does not have a specialized break through ability.


    Shou Mou shown some leadership as he was leading his offensive charges.

    Tactical Abilities[]

    Shou Mou used cunning tactics as he put a decoy Qin flag to lure out remaining stragglers from the defeated army previously led by Kan Ou.



    Shou Mou slashes his way through the Qin Army's milita
    Death in a flash.jpg
    Shou Mou slain by Ou Ki
    Shou Mou Power.png
    Shou Mou slashes his way through the Ou Ki HQ
    Shou Mou.png
    Shou Mou Colored Manga Cover


    Shou Mou Character Design anime S1.PNG
    Shou Mou's character design anime S1
    Shou Mou Sees Ou Ki's True Strength anime S1.PNG
    Shou Mou sees Ou Ki's true strength
    Ou Ki Slays Shou Mou anime S1.PNG
    Shou Mou slain by Ou Ki

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