Shou Kaku

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Chinese Shang Lu
Romaji Shou Kakku
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
Skin Pale
State Qin
Location Kanyou (Former)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Shou Kaku Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 18

Shou Kaku is a General of the Qin Military. He was deputy general to Ba Jin during the state of Ai rebellion.  He is a childhood friend of Heki.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shou Kaku wears the armor of an Officer with the rank of 1000 Man Commander and above.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He has a relax demeanor and is extremely loyal to his friend. He usually has an insight for getting a bad feeling for reckless leaders such as Duke Hyou and Mou Bu.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known of Shou Kaku's past although the most known is that he is a childhood friend of Heki as told by him to Baku Koshin during the Dakan plains war.

Story[edit | edit source]

Keiyou Campaign Arc[edit | edit source]

Shou Kaku is first shown as a 1000-Man Commander standing up for his friend Heki when he got into an argument with Baku Koshin. When the Cavalry Unit finally joins the battle he notices Baku Koshin is aiming to conquer the hill. He then inform Heki that Baku Koshin gets more reckless as more of his men dies. Heki decides they should provide support to assist Baku Koshin. Later when all the Cavalry Units come charging in he notices Heki is looking in the wrong direction and they should regroup with the rest of the Units. However he is shocked to see General Ou Ki charging through. Shou Kaku and Heki use the opportunity to follow General Ouki and his men to get to the top of the hill securing it for Qin. After listening to General Ouki inform Shin on the qualities of a General. He joins Heki in providing support to Duke Hyou's charge the Wei Army HQ. During the charge they encounter an extremely strong opponent, but he is cutdown by Shin who came out of nowhere. Shou Kaku is shocked and amazed by Shin's strength and martial prowess, he wonders to himself where the hell did this kid come from.

Coalition Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

Shou Kaku is reintroduced during the Battle of Kankoku Pass/Day 15 as a 3000-Man Commander serving along side Heki's 3,000-man unit. He is first seen stating that he has a bad feeling about being placed in the Mou Bu Army and that Mou Bu might be worst than Duke Hyou.

State of Ai Arc[edit | edit source]

Shou Kaku makes a reappearance as a Deputy General of a Subjugation Army led by Commanding General Ba Jin. The purpose of the Subjugation Army is to quell and crush the rebel army of the State of Ai and protect the King and the city of Kanyou.

At first, Shou Kaku did not want to join in the political strife in the royal court but Heki pursuaded as a friend to become the Deputy General of the Subjugation Army to lend his talent and experience. He is then seen talking to Shin at the shore of Wei river.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

Intro Shou Kaku.jpg
Deputy Commander General Shou Kaku
With Ba Jin.jpg
Shou Kaku greets Shin

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strength 82
Leadership 80
Intelligence 80
Experience B
Heki's childhood friend
Strength 82
Leadership 73
Knowledge 80
Heki's childhood friend

Royal Palace
Royal Family Rou Ai - Queen Mother

Government Chou Kou - Ko Reki
Generals Current
Han O Ki
Wa Tegi

Commanders Han Roki - Ha Mui - Bu Tai
Royal Palace
Royal Family Formerly
Shou Hei Kun

Government Shun Shin Kun
Great Generals Kan Mei - Ka Rin

Generals Formerly
Rin Bu Kun

1000-Man Commanders Haku Rei - Kou Yoku
Great Generals Sei Kai

2000-Man Commanders Formerly
Leader Jo Elder

Civilian Shuu (Jo)
Royal Palace
Royal Family Ou Ken
Generals Ganmo
Royal Family Current
Ei Sei - Queen Mother - Rei - Rui
Boku Kou - Sei Kyou - Sho - Sou Jou

Government Current
Ri Shi - Ryo Fui - Sai Taku - Shi Shi - Shou Hei Kun - Shou Bun Kun
Ketsu Shi

Royal Harem Amin - Chou Kou - Kou - Rou Ai - You
Great Generals Current
Mou Bu - Tou
Chou Tou - Duke Hyou - Mou Gou

Six Great Generals:
Ko Shou - Kyou - Haku Ki - Ou Ki - Ou Kotsu - Shiba Saku

Generals Current
Do Mon - Heki - Kan Ki - Kan Ou - Ou Sen - Roku O Mi - Ryuu Koku - Shou Kaku
Dou Kin - Ei Bi - En Ka - Koku Gou - Ra Gen - Rin Bou - Ryuu

5000-Man Commanders Ou Hon - Shin

3000-Man Commanders Kyou Kai

2000-Man Commanders Mou Ten

1000-Man Commanders Curent
Hoku Shu - Gaku Rai - Kaku Un - Kan Jou - Ogiko - Ran Dou
Baku Koshin - Jou Han - Kaku Bi - Tai Un

100-Man Commanders Chu Tetsu - Den Ei - Den Yuu - Hai Rou - Kyo Gai - Ryuu Sen

10-Squad Leaders Bi Hei - Ro En - Ryuu Yuu - Seki - Suu Gen - Taku Kei

5-Squad Leaders Former
Batsu Ken - Bi Tou - Bun Ketsu - Hou - Kyou Ji - San Ka - Yuu Gi

Strategists Ka Ryo Ten - Kai Oku - Mou Ki
Mountain Tribe
King Yo Tan Wa

Elders Chouga Elders

Warriors Ba Jio - Fuji - Rankai - Shunmen - Tajifu - Toji
Royal Palace
Royal Family Kei Bin
Great Generals Current
Go Hou Mei
Seven Fire Dragons:
Gai Mou
Go Kei - Tai Roji - Shi Ei - Rei Ou - Shou Sen - Ba Tou

Generals Current
Fuu Haku - Kan Ei
Kyuu Gen - Haku Kisai - Ga Gyuu - Rinko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou

1000-Man Commanders Former
Dou Sei

Strategists Hyou Ki
Great Generals Current
Geki Shin - Gaku Ki
Royal Palace
Royal Family Tou Jou
Great Generals Three Great Heavens
Ri Boku - Hou Ken
Rinshoujou - Ren Pa - Chousha
Gaku Jou

Generals Current
Kou Son Ryuu - Ri Haku - Ki Sui - Ba Nan Ji - Shuu Sui Ju
Man Goku - Shou Mou - Fuu Ki - Rin Ko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou - Kei Sha

Army Commanders Current
Ba Tei - Kin Mou - Gaku Ei - Kai Gou
Ryuu Tou

1000-Man Commander Gou Ran

Strategists Chousou

Commanders Kaine - Fu Tei

Others Gika

Merchants Former
Ryo Fui - Shi Ka - A Mon - Kou Shou
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