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Shou Hei Kun
Chinese Lord Changping
Kanji 昌平君
Romaji Shou Hei Kan
Epithet Four Pillars of Ryo Fui (Former)
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown.
Age Late 30s to early 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Pale
Relatives Kou Retsu (older brother, deceased)
Unnamed older brother
Unnamed nieces
Mou Bu (Adoptive Brother)
Mou Aki (Adoptive Older Sister)
State Chu (Defected)
Residence Kanyou City
Location Kanyou City
Birth Place Chu
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Strategist
Affiliates Qin Military
Shou Hei Kun Army
Qin Government
Royal Palace
Ryo Fui Faction (Defected; Defunct)
Ei Sei Faction
Strategist Academy
Military Rank Head and Chief of Military Affairs
Political Position Chancellor of the Right
Equipment Glaive
Japanese VA Suwabe Junichi
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Anime Debut Episode 16
Army Commander Shou Hei Kun. He's unquestionably the top military strategist in the world...

Shou Bun Kun during the Battle of Kanyou

Shou Hei Kun is the current Head of Military Affairs for the state of Qin, the Chancellor of the Right of Qin, and the leader of the Shou Hei Kun Army. He also is considered the best Strategist within Qin and is recognized as one of the best in China. Due to his capacity and importance as the Chief of Qin Military Affairs, he is responsible for approving and teaching students in the Strategist Academy, where he instructed Mou Ten, Mou Ki, and Ka Ryo Ten in the ways of strategic warfare.


Shou Hei Kun is always seen in his robes in the court. On the battlefield, he wears a dark armor ornamented with snakes. He has long hair and a short goatee. Yasuhisa Hara describes him as very good looking as seen in his stats below.


As a military strategist, he always acts calm and well-considered. Even his dominating best friend, Mou Bu seems to have a lot of respect towards him. And he can even spot talent, as he said he wanted Shin to be his associate due to his budding and exceptional potential. He has a discerning eye and is capable of gleaning more information from unguarded opponents than they let on.

He has his own specific goals and distances himself from his benefactor Ryo Fui and his follower's more distasteful actions. He is usually stoic and is rarely seen smiling or showing any emotions. He keeps his brows furrowed so much that most people are unable to distinguish his thoughtful face from his normal one. He is loyal to his work no matter who he works for.


In his youth, he studied military arts and tactical, strategical warfare under Ko Shou, the only pure strategist of Qin's Six Great Generals and at some point in the early days of his career, he was one of the first talented people to be recruited by Ryo Fui and eventually became a member of the Four Pillars of Ryo Fui. He also is a former prince of the Chu and younger brother of its former king, Kou Retsu who was abandoned by his state after coming to Qin as a political hostage.


Assassination Plot Arc[]

Kyou Kai remarks that she was invited to be his retainer prior to this arc.

He arrives with the Ryo Fui faction and seems for the most part indifferent to the clash of characters until Sai Taku implies that he is stronger than Mou Bu. He dismisses this as a preposterous joke. He is aware of Shin's presence in the court and his identity although he does not indicate this just then.

Training Arc[]

When Ka Ryo Ten arrives at his mansion, he notes her panic and concludes that she was initially oblivious to where she was brought. When Kyou Kai's threatening letter is read out, he is indifferent until the letter mentions Karyo Ten's name. He realizes that she is the one and the same girl who is close to Ei Sei and helped Sei during the rebellion. He accepts her into his school, much to his retainers' astonishment.

He explains all this to Sai Taku and says that he has obtained a useful pawn and an insider from the King's faction. Although he seemed to be uncomfortable with Sai Taku's ulterior motives, he also remarks that Kyou Kai meant for this to happen. He also says that he wants to obtain Kyou Kai and Shin ( most of all ) for his own use.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He is consulted by Ryo Fui on whether they should continue their incursion into Han lands which he approves on the condition that Chou Tou is sent to oversee their southern borders.

When Mou Bu was about to be appointed a commander in chief against the invading Zhao army he withholds his reservations. Shou Bun Kun, however, voices his own but when he is approached by an enraged Mou Bu, Shou Hei Kun stops him and asks Shou Bun Kun's opinion.

General Ou Ki arrives and Shou Hei Kun informs Mou Bu that he was the one who called the great general so that they could make him commander in chief. He also decides unilaterally ( overriding Mou Bu's objections) as chief of military to appoint Ou Ki over Mou Bu.

When Ou Ki throws them all out of the court to speak with the king, he eyes Shin who had arrived with Ou Ki but stops when Shin gets hit for glaring back.

Later, he listens to Shou Bun Kun's memories of Hou Ken and voices his opinions. He is very disturbed when he learns of Ou Ki's death and their defeat.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

He seizes the opportunity afforded by the alliance with Zhao to launch an attack on the stronghold of Sanyou. He makes allowances for the possible appearance of Ren Pa and sends Mou Bu to warn Mou Gou of his opponent. When Shou Bun Kun warns him of how fearsome Ren Pa can be, he says that he cannot afford to send reinforcements and draws everyone's attention to the possible Chu attack. Later, he is seen at the rewards ceremony announcing the rewards.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

Appearing at Sanyou along with Ri Shi, Shou Hei Kun announces that the region of Sanyou will now be called "Tougun" and 10,000 Qin citizens will be immigrated there to occupy the land. Telling the troops that Tougun is now part of Qin soil, he states that it must be protected at all costs. Shou Hei Kun is later promoted to the position of Chancellor of the Right in the Qin court.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Upon hearing of the invasion by the Chu, Shou Hei Kun points out the cunning behind Chu's advance as it bypasses Generals Mou Bu and Chou Tou, comparing their presence to a "poison" which would spread if left unchecked. When news of Sai Taku's success in Qi reached the royal palace, he mentions that the threat of Qi behind the allied states will make them uneasy and the issue of the Wei army that had penetrated the deepest into Qin lands. After running various counter scenarios with other strategists, Shou Hei Kun is seen visibly exhausted as he states that Qin has a "one in five" chance of surviving the coming army.

Upon gathering Qin's Great General class Generals to the capital, Shou Hei Kun then explained the strategy he had in mind. He explained that with Qin's current military resources, they did not have the slightest chance of stopping the coalition army's invasion. Hence, they would abolish all the various defense lines that they had set up between the coalition army and Kanyou. The key focus was on having all their citizens and soldiers to pull back to their respective cities and allow the coalition army to pass through uncontested to reach the national gate of Kankoku Pass. Meeting separately with Mou Bu, he remarks on the change within the great general due to Ou Ki's death and speaks on how recent events took the state by surprise. Later, during Mou Bu's fight with Kan Mei, the former remembers Shou Hei Kun's statement that he believed Mou Bu to be stronger than the latter. This inspires him to get up again after being beaten down.

He is later seen impressed with Mou Bu's tenacity when messengers inform the court of his victory and share a rare smile AND HANDSHAKE with his fellow chancellor Shou Bun Kun.

Later, he hears of Ri Boku's invasion of the southern passage and after an initial moment of wavering commands the city gates to be locked down and to prepare to fight. He despairs of the lack of time to make preparations and also states that Kanyou does not have the strength to repel Ri Boku implying that as long as there was infighting among the factions, they could not hope to repel the Ri Boku Army. Later, as he is by his aides making last-minute plans, he is approached by Ei Sei for tactical advice. When Sei reveals his intentions to use the civilians at Sai and stops the army thereby inspiring the people himself, he is moved and sends aid in the form of several of his vassals with commanding experience to the city of Sai.

When he was approached by Ryo Fui who threateningly asked him if he went to the King's aid, he stands his ground and replies that he feels most responsible towards his position as the chief of military affairs at the moment.

After their overall, victory he commands Mou Bu to attack the Coalition Army from the rear so that Qi would be spared from their wrath. He personally commends and thanks to him at the rewards ceremony.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

He is seen in court debating the Zhao invasion in the north near Tonryu. He seems to be rather suspicious of Ryo Fui's enthusiastic suggestions.

State of Ai Arc[]

Around ten days before the events of the Coming of Age Ceremony, he sent a coded message to his pupil Ka Ryo Ten, warning her about the events that will transpire at the ceremony. At Kinen Temple, he publicly announced that he wished to part ways from Ryo Faction and join the Ei Sei Faction to everyone present's astonishment.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He had the idea to start a campaign against the Zhao city of Gyou and was one of the four heads in the tactical HQ. He summons Mou Ten, Shin, Ka Ryo Ten, and Ou Hon to the HQ to discuss the plan. He tells them to make use of their experience and knowledge of the overall plan to make on the spot decisions.

He appoints Kan Ki and Yo Tan Wa as Vice Generals and Ou Sen as Commander in Chief of the army at the ceremony. They watch the progress of the army.


Hmph. Whether it be brains or brawn, I am no match for him. Truly a Monster.

—Duke Wa Tegi's final thoughts on Shou Hei Kun before his death.

Strength 90
Leadership 97
Intelligence 99
Experience A
Strength 90
Leadership 96
Intelligence 98
Experience A
Reversion degree: 100
Strength 89
Leadership 95
Intelligence 97
Experience B
Early life: Complexity
Strength unknown
Leadership unknown
Intelligence 97
Handsomeness: 95

    As Qin's Head of Military Affairs, Shou Hei Kun is stated to be one of the top military strategists in the world. His intellect considered to be on par with other top strategists like Ri Boku and Shun Shin Kun while also having a high level of martial valour. During the Rou Ai rebellion, he is able to defeat Wa Tegi's forces, despite having a massive disadvantage in numbers.

    Physical Abilities[]

    Though he is a strategist, it was said that in his youth he was even stronger than Mou Bu. His high martial ability was demonstrated when he tore through enemy lines while leading a charge at Battle of Kanyou. Later on, he was able to easily slay the Duke of Juuteki in a duel, where he disarmed and beheaded his opponent swiftly with only two blows.[1]


    As the supreme commander of the entire Qin Military Shou Hei Kun is also a charismatic leader who commands great level of respect and trust from his subordinates and students. While leading his army from the front he was shown to keep the morale of the soldiers high and rally them with a speech.[2]

    Tactical Abilities[]

    Shou Hei Kun was presented as one of the greatest strategical minds of his time. He is capable of creating plans for entire wars and campaigns and even planning the total unification of China with Ei Sei. Ri Boku and Shun Shin Kun were the only two people in China that could see through Shou Hei Kun's invasion of Wei as a potentially checkmating move against the other states.[3]

    He is also the one that instructed Mou Bu in the use of echelon formation and created a plan to divert their forces to the sides which enabled him to reach Kan Mei.[4] During the Rou Ai rebellion, Shou Hei Kun used a tactical move, Hourai, that involves creating walls of soldiers to the left, right, and rear of the enemy commander, so as to entrap the enemy commander, Duke of Juuteki. This was later followed by a surgical strike straight down the center to take out the enemy's head which he succeeded.[5]


    As the Chancellor of the Right Shou Hei Kun is also knowledgeable in the art of diplomacy and governance. His style is to use diplomacy in order to isolate other countries and take them on one by one. After Ri Boku proposed the Qin-Zhao alliance, he used the opportunity to invate the key Wei region of Sanyou. During Coalition War he was able to weaken the coalition army by paying off king Ou Ken to separate his forces from the alliance. In 235 B.C. he made a three year alliance with Wei which allowed Qin to move more soldiers on Zhao frontlines and progress their invasion.


    Shou Hei Kun Appointed As Chancellor Of The Right.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun appointed as the Chancellor of the Right
    Shou Hei Kun Slashes His Way Through The Rebellion Army.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun slashes his way through the rebellion army
    Wa Tegi And Shou Hei Kun Confront.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun confronts Wa Tegi
    Shou Hei Kun Severs Wa Tegi's Arm.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun severs Wa Tegi's arm
    Shou Hei Kun Decapitates Wa Tegi.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun decapitates Wa Tegi
    Shou Hei Kun chancellor of the left.PNG
    Shouheikun portrait.png
    Shou Hei Kun Character Design anime S1.PNG
    Shou Hei Kun's character design anime S1
    Shou Hei Kun AS2.png
    Shou Hei Kun in Anime season 2


      • Shou Hei Kun is based on a real historical politician Lord Changping.[1]
      • Whenever he spends a lot of time thinking on strategy, he grows a goatee.


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