Shou Bun Kun

Shou Bun Kun portrait

Shou Bun Kun anime portrait

Shoubunkun Masahiro Takashima

Chinese Lord Changwen
Kanji 昌文君
Romaji Shou Ban Kan
Biographical Information
Marital Status Married
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Grey
Skin Brown
State Qin
Residence Kanyou City
Location Kanyou City
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Shou Bun Kun Army
Qin Government
Royal Palace
Ei Sei Faction
Political Position Minster of Education (Formerly)
Chancellor of the Left
Equipment Bow
Japanese VA Nakano Yutaka
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Shou Bun Kun is the Chancellor of the Left of Qin and one of the most loyal vassals to the young king of Qin, Ei Sei.

A former military warrior of great fame who was skilled with the blade, after retiring as a soldier he became a civil official who later worked his way up to his current position.


He has a mustache and long dark hair, He wears armor on the battlefield and court robes as an official.


Shou Bun Kun is very loyal to his King, Ei Sei and will do anything and everything in his power to aid him in reclaiming his power, He took every precaution he could to ensure the King's safety since he knew there was no way to prevent the rebellion from happening. He is very wise in terms of military affairs and strategies to ensure victory. He is also very knowledgeable and trustworthy as Ou Ki was willing to let him know of Kyou's heritage when he was asked to act as her support.

History Edit

He fought alongside Ou Ki and Kyou in the military. He was the commander of a special 100-man unit which led very risky and dangerous missions that were impossible for a unit of a larger size. He was also appointed by Ou Ki, once the latter was promoted to General, to act as Kyou's support in her early years as she initially had a tendency to not pay attention to any minor details on the battlefield while Ou Ki could no longer be at her side all the time anymore. He was also along with Kyou when she was slain by Hou Ken with the latter believed to be dead after being attacked and defeated by an enraged Ou Ki.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion ArcEdit

After seeing Shin and Hyou fighting, Shou Bun Kun took Hyou with him to the capital to be the king's double. There were rumors of a revolt in the Royal Palace where a minister and his retainers were killed, and Shin is unwilling to believe it is Hyou and Shou Bun Kun until he later sees his friend die in front of him. It turns out that the minister had created an elaborate escape plan for Ei Sei in order to save him from death. Along with Kokuhi Village, the plan involved a series of rendezvous points carefully scouted out by the minister himself. At first, it seemed that Shou Bun Kun had escaped from the palace as well, but General Ou Ki informed Ketsu Shi that he had taken care of the minister personally. Shou Bun Kun reappears very much alive when Muta is about to shoot a poison dart at Ei Sei, and he is able to strike the assassin before the dart is shot. 

Keiyou Campaign ArcEdit

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Third Faction ArcEdit

Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

When news of people defecting to the Ryo Faction breaks out, Shou Bun Kun wonders why they had all gone back. Knowing they no longer oppose the Ryo Fui Faction, Ei Sei tells his faction they must do whatever it takes to even the odds. Shou Bun Kun tells him they no longer have any methods available to them. After telling his faction to follow him, outside of the palace Shou Bun Kun becomes shocked when they approach a certain building and decides to follow him inside.

After Ei Sei sets Sei Kyou and his faction free, Shou Bun Kun questions him about his reasons for freeing them. While in the courtroom, he wonders if Sei Kyou had taken them for fools, believing he's hiding something up his sleeve, which is why he was strictly imprisoned. Being grateful for their new-gained allies, looking at it from another angle, he realizes Sei Kyou is gaining power as well. Wondering if it's too risky to use them with only a verbal agreement keeping them to their word, he questions whether it's too risky. Ei Sei then walks past him, patting him on the shoulder, which surprises him. After Ei Sei mentions they have a chance to acquire the needed power, he tells Shou Bun Kun that his moment has finally come since first switching to an official position a few years ago. 10 days later he is appointed Chancellor of the left.

After learning of Kou's pregnancy to Ei Sai, Shou Bun Kun is overcome with emotion and starts to cry, congratulating him.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Battle of SaiEdit

Conspiracy in the Court ArcEdit

State of Ai ArcEdit

Koku You Campaign ArcEdit

Bureaucrats Job ArcEdit

Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

He was one of the four heads in the tactical HQ for the Gyou campaign.


Strength 76
Leadership 86
Intelligence 92
Experience A
Politics 94
Strength 80
Leadership 85
Intelligence 90
Experience A
Politics 94
Strength 82
Leadership 85
Knowledge 86
Politics 90

In his youth, He used to lead a special hundred man unit in the past and they helped Ou Ki in several of his times of need by being at the right time and place to attack the enemy. This later inspired Ou Ki to create a similar hundred man unit for Shin whom he believed harbored a similar potential.

Shou Bun Kun is a genuine warrior who wielded both glaive and bows at the very front lines during the time of King Sho. He also possesses more military experience than anyone in the Qin court.

Shou Bun Kun is also a skilled politician through his strength lies more in warfare than the power struggles of the Qin court.


Political Achievements: Edit

  • Managed to solve the long-standing issue of Qin's flood control which has always been a difficult problem. Though at first, it seemed like nothing but a troublesome task forcefully handed down by Ryo Fui. Shou Bun Kun was able to back the project of an engineer named Tei Koku in 243 B.C
  • He was granted the title of Chancellor of the Left in 239 B.C

Gallery Edit

Shin Evades Shou Bun Kun's Strike
Shou Bun Kun attempts to strike Shin
Shou Bun Kun Cries As He Realizes Ei Sei's Complete Victory
Shou Bun Kun cries as he realizes Ei Sei's complete victory
Young Shou Bun Kun
Shou Bun Kun in his 20's
Young Shou Bun Kun 2
Shou Bun Kun in his mid 20's
Young Shou Bun Kun with stash
Shou Bun Kun in his 30's
(253 B.C)
Shou Bun Kun Chancellor
Shou Bun Kun In his 40-50's
Chancellor of the Left
( 239 B.C)
Shou Bun Kun main page portrait
Shou Bun Kun in his 40-50's
In Shou Hei Kun Army
Young Shou Bun Kun anime S1
Young Shou Bun Kun
Kyou, Ou Ki And Shou Bun Kun Standing In Front of Bayou City anime S1
Shou Bun Kun with Kyou and Ou Ki in front of Bayou City
Shou Bun Kun Salutes Upon Shika's Death anime S2
hou Bun Kun salutes upon Shika's death
Shou Bun Kun Character Design anime S1
Shou Bun Kun's character design anime S1
Shou Bun Kun Mourns Over Ou Ki's Death anime S1
Shou Bun Kun mourns over Ou Ki's death
Shōbunkun AS2
Shou Bun Kun in Anime S2
Shou Bun Kun Pats Shin's Head anime S2
Shou Bun Kun pats Shin's head

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