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Shiyuu Conflict Arc


Media Information
Starting Date November 26, 2020
Ending Date February 18, 2021
Chapters 662 - 670
Number of Chapter 9
War of the Three States Arc
Battle of Eikyuu Arc

Shiyuu Conflict Arc is the 21st arc of the Kingdom manga.


Having taken Juuko, a vital strategic position, the Wei secure a power base that will allow them to begin an invasion of the state of Han's territories as they begin to expand towards the west. With these developments, the state of Qin remains vigilant as the alliance between them and Wei will only last 3 years. On the other hand, they are now free to fully attack the Zhao without having to worry about the Wei as the armies stationed next to the Wei borders could now head to the north and joined the fight. Now free of any attacks from Wei, the Qin armies can honestly begin attempts to capture the capital of Kantan and destroy the state of Zhao once and for all!

After receiving the news of the Qin/Wei alliance, the Zhao high commend dispatches a large army from their northern territory to the front lines of their borders as the fighting rises a new height in intensity. In this back-and-forth battle two familiar figures stand out amongst the armies of Qin. Mou Ten and the Gaku Ka Army as he reached to new heights after becoming a general and with the addition of Ai Sen and his soldiers as they show off a tremendous amount of offensive prowess that the Gaku Ka were lacking before. On the other side, Ou Hon and the Gyoku Hou Army who had also undergone a fearsome transformation with Ou Hon's tactics evolving after becoming a general and added addition of strong soldiers and a certain man from the A Kou Army and newly promoted 3000-Man Commander, A Ka Kin. These two armies were now attacking the Zhao armies with such unbelievable strength that the Zhao were forced to keep sending reinforcements to their positions as they continued to drew attention. However, there was one other army of Qin that was struggling to make headway on the battlefield, the Hi Shin Army.

After retreating from a yet another failed skirmish, the upper echelon of the army - Ri Shin, Ka Ryo Ten, En, Suu Gen, Ga Ro, So Sui, Bi Hei, Taku Kei, Gaku Rai, Na Ki, Ryuu Sen, Den Yuu, Ryuu Yuu, Den Ei hold a meeting. With a solemn expression Ten states that she knows why the army is currently struggling and with the same expression Suu Gen apologizes but is told by Shin that it is not necessary. Ten further explains that despite their heavy training she knew the infantry would lag due to it not translating onto the battlefield. With that said, Shin states that it can't be helped due to the hole left behind after Shou Sa's death. Na Ki explains that Kyo Gai's cavalry unit is mostly intact, so they could restore its infantry squad but as Ga Ro puts its Shou Sa was the Deputy commander of the Infantry after all. Ryuu Sen adds in that while he is filling the position and is a model of tenacity Hai Rou is still getting used to it as Ryuu Yuu says it's only natural. Noticing how he is not present Bi Hei wonders where he is and Taku Kei tells him that he is resting in the medical tent as he pushed himself too hard.

As the meeting continues, the issues become increasingly clear - the Zhao infantry has a higher number of soldiers and are currently too strong for the Hi Shin Army's Infantry as it now. The infantry will need a tremendous amount of help and a strong leader is vital, the Hi Shin Army is lagging the Gyoku Hou and Gaku Ka armies, but there's even bigger issue besides the infantry. Kyou Kai. Bedridden since she used the Life Sharing Technique to save Shin's life after his duel with Hou Ken, Kyou Kai has not lift her HQ and her men are in disarray which poses a huge problem for the army. Worried about her, Shin goes to her camp to pay her a visit.

While meditating Kyou Kai is awakened and greeted by Shin as he holds her hand to see if she is still alive. As they begin to talk, Kyou Kai tells him that she is trying to reconnect and rebuild her chi pathways that are damaged and severed due to her using the forbidden techniques through meditation. As Shin becomes flustered while Kyou Kai flippantly jokes about, they are interrupted by a messenger bringing news on an advancement of Zhao soldiers and a message for Shin. Continuing her meditation, Kyou Kai is jolted in surprise after she senses a disturbing presence.

The next day, the Left-wing fourth unit of the Gaku Ka Army is in the middle of heavy combat against Zhao reinforcements as they are on the brink of being pushed back. However, during the battle both sides are stopped in tracks while hearing a very familiar song. In instant the Zhao forces are immediately whipped out and the Gaku Ka's fourth unit stand in complete shock at the corpses that litter the forest as the crows wail at the sight, some of them calling the person they saw a monster as they slew the Zhao in overwhelming manner.

Characters Introduced[]


  • Ai Sen reveals why you shouldn't judge a person by their good looks as he demonstrated why he was part of the Mou Bu Army when he viciously destroys any unlucky Zhao soldiers in his path.
  • After 5 years apart, Kyou Rei reunites with Kyou Kai.
  • This arc shows more hints of romantic feelings that Kyou Kai has for Ri Shin as she confess her feelings.


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