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Shi Kika
Chinese Zi JuHua
Kanji 紫菊花
Romaji Shii Kiika
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Married
Age 20s
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Light brown
Skin Pale
Relatives Shi Tai (Step Father)
Shi Ei (Lover/Step-Brother)
Tai Ro Ji (Husband)
State Wei
Residence Dairyou City
Professional Information
Manga Debut Chapter 390
Anime Debut Episode 112
Whether it be the name of 'Earl Shi', or even the fame of the Fire Dragons, I could not care less about either of them. So long as I am able to stay by your side, I'm willing to give up everything. All I desire is to be together with you.

—Shi Ei to Kika

Shi Kika was Shi Ei's lover and younger step sister who was killed by Tai Ro Ji before the start of the series. Her death was the cause of the internal dispute among the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei.


Shi Kika was an attractive woman, considered to be one of the greatest beauties in the capital of Wei. She wore her light brown hair in a ponytail, and was adorned with jewels and pearls. She had big dark eyes and often wore a somber expression. Her clothes were always elegant and typically adorned by butterflies. As a child, Kika wore her hair in two buns, and was petite.


While little is known of her personality, it can be assumed she was a kind and loyal person as her older brother Shi Ei, who leaned to her alone for emotional support and comfort. Her bond with her brother was so strong that she refused to give up her love for him, choosing death as a more freeing option.


Shi Kika was the stepchild of the previous Earl Shi. Her mother joined into the previous Shi Tai's household, where she met Shi Ei, another stepchild brought in by a different woman. Both of then lost their mothers to a passing epidemic, leaving them to be shunned by the rest of the household.

Shi Ei, was told to "hurry up and die" and continued to be sent into the fiercest battles, time after time, whereas Kika was tormented at the estate on a daily basis.  In the end, the previous Shi Ei was not able to father a child, and his legacy was passed on to Ei. Not only that, Shi Ei would go on to become a great general worthy of the Wei Fire Dragon name, and Kika had grown into a beauty whose name "resounded throughout the royal capital of Dairyou."  

After carrying out a liaison, Shi Ei and Shi Kika finally asked the previous Shi Ei for permission to marry, to which he refused. Shi Kika and Shi Ei's relationship was common knowlege, and nobody would have protested. The refusal was simply out of jealousy, for he could not stand the thought of Shi Ei, a man who shared none of his blood, obtaining everything he desired. Shi Ei, being the man he was, declared that he was willing to give up even his fire dragon rank if his wish was not fulfilled. 

When out at a balcony overlooking Dairyou, Shi Ei told Kika that the moment he returned from his next campaign he would take her as his bride.  

While Shi Ei was on the campaign, the previous Earl Shi had Kika married off to Tai Ro Ji, also of the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei, who was infamous for being a "wife killer." Tai Ro Ji questioned her to confirm her and her sibling's affair, and agreeing to let it slide due to the fact that her brother was in the same group as him. He tried to make her promise to only devote her heart to him, but she boldly refused to give up her love for Shi Ei, and was murdered by Tai Ro Ji in a fit of rage.

Kika's death brought great fury to her beloved, causing a conflict and murder spree, resulting in the Fire Dragon system being torn appart, and Shi Ei's life being devoid of color forevermore.



Tai Roji Slays Shi Kika.PNG
Shi Kika's death the hands of Tai Ro Ji
Shi Kika And Shi Ei.PNG
Shi Kika embraces Shi Ei

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