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Shi Ka
Chinese Zhi Xia
Kanji 紫夏
Romaji Shii Ka
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Age Mid 20s
Gender Female
Eyes Scarlet
Hair Purple
Skin Pale
State Zhao
Location Qin/Zhao Border (Death Place)
Birth Place Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Black Marketer
Occupation Merchant
Affiliates Zhao Black Market
Equipment Bow & Arrows


Japanese VA Sayaka Ohara
Manga Debut Chapter 75 Flashback
Anime Debut Episode 45 Flashback
Don't get the wrong idea. It's not as if every underground merchant can pass through that easily. It's because we have Shi Ka that we were able to. Ever since she inherited the family business, the Shi Merchant Family's profits have increased twofold.

A Mon to Dou Ken passed through the Kaian Gate

Shi Ka was a black market merchant based in the State of Zhao and the one who smuggled Ei Sei out of Zhao and into Qin.


She was a beautiful, slim woman with dark hair tied together. She was usually wearing a hanfu and a large straw hat.


Shi Ka was raised to be a kind and caring person. Although she could be harsh at negotiations, she was respected by both her comrades and associates. When making a deal, Shi Ka was true to it to the end, even if that meant her own death.


Shi Ka was an orphan that was taken in by a kind merchant alongside A Mon and Kou Shou. When she grew up, she followed her mentor's footsteps as a merchant who sought to help others when possible and started building a network that had affiliates in the illegal merchandising as well. As a black market merchant, Shi Ka had a lot of connections in Zhao and in all of China that allowed her access through checkpoints and sensitive information.


Escape from Zhao Arc[]

Following Shi Ka's reputation, a secret faction from Qin approached her with a mission. Led by Dou Ken, they asked her to move the Qin king's firstborn son from Zhao to Qin in order to make him a successor of the throne. Shi Ka accepted the mission, despite her comrades' objections for the dangers this mission bore.

At first, Shi Ka went easily through the checkpoints, thanks to her underground connections. At some point close to the end of the transfer, the convoy attracted suspicion and it wasn't before long that the Zhao army saw through their scheme and pursued them to get Ei Sei back. In the meantime, Shi Ka helped young Sei face his inner demons and embrace his destiny, thus developing an intimate relationship with him.

Just before reaching Qin, Zhao cavalry reached them. While the smugglers and Dou Ken's men were able to shoot down some of their pursuers, their attacks were too fierce with all of them eventually dead and Shi Ka mortally wounded protecting the young prince. Fortunately, a patrol from Qin was able to arrive and route the Zhao soldiers before they could capture Sei. Before dying, she asked Sei to never forget their sacrifice and stated her belief that due to Sei's experiences, he could be a king greater than any others. Despite her demise alongside the rest of her companions, her mission was successful, as Sei was saved and would forever be grateful to her and her companions' sacrifice.

Third Faction Arc[]

State of Ai Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]


Shi Ka was an expert in negotiation and was also a infamous throughout Zhao's black merchant.

When it came to combat, she was a proficient archer as she shot and killed multiple Zhao calvarymen. She also showed some skill with the sword as well.


Shika fight.PNG
Shi Ka wields a bow to protect Sei.
Shika's death.PNG
Shi Ka at the verge of death, protects Sei from the volley of arrows.
Episode 47 portrait.PNG
Young Shi Ka mourns over her adopted father's deathbed.
Shika AS2.png
Shi Ka in Season 2 of the Anime.
Shika And Ei Sei's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka meets Ei Sei.
Ei Sei And Shika Gaze At The Moon anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka and Ei Sei gaze at the moon
Episode 46 portrait.PNG
Shi Ka embraces Sei into her arms.
Dou Ken Protects Shika And Ei Sei From The Volley of Arrows anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka and Sei protected by Dou Ken from the volley of arrows.
Shika Wields A Bow anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka wields a bow to protect Sei.
Shika Fights Off The Pursuer anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka fights off the pursuing Zhao calvarymen.
Shika Protects Ei Sei From The Volley of Arrows anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka at the verge of death, protects Sei from the volley of arrows
Shika's Last Moment anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka's last moments.
Shika Touches Ei Sei's Crying Face As She Gazes On His Eyes anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka touches Sei's crying face as she gazes onto his eyes.
Shika's Death anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka's death.
Shou Bun Kun Salutes Upon Shika's Death anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka being saluted by Shou Bun Kun upon her death.
Qin Soldiers Salute Upon Shika's Death anime S2.PNG
Shi Ka being saluted by the Qin soldiers upon her death.

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