It truly could be said to be a defense befitting that of Ou Sen.

Ou Hon describing the formation.

Shells and Joints Formation
Weapon Info
Name Shells and Joints Formation
Type Tactical Formation
Used by A Kou
Ou Sen

Shells and Joints Formation is a defensive tactic used by Ou Sen and his deputy A Kou. It uses two different roles of soldiers in order to perform an iron wall defense.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

This formation allows the user to perform a stonewall defense that can withstand even attacks of three different armies. It's secret lies with the different roles of its soldiers. Small groups of heavy infantry work as "shells", while the other groups act as "joints". Whenever the attack manages to breach the outer shell, the joints are able to very rapidly connect one shell to another in a very precise manner. That clear distinction between the two roles enables them to react quickly. The joints link up the wall and prop themselves up to add their strength to the shells. They can also help to absorb and disperse attacks themselves to prevent the hard shell from cracking. It gives the impression that the further in you get, the harder the wall becomes. If the opponents manage to breakthrough, it's also possible to change it to "fences" formation and trap them inside.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

In order to break through this formation, one has to target the mobile "joints" soldiers that support it. After the shells lose their link, they are reduced to nothing more than a small group of soldiers, becoming like any other ordinary defense. After being instructed by Ri Boku, Ba Nan Ji was able to easily strike deep into the Qin army. In addition, due to Gyou’un's support attack, A Kou was unable to switch to any other tactic.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The formation being deployed by A Kou Army
The joints supporting shells
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