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Heroes who rampaged across China alongside Qin's Six Generals and Zhao's Three Great Heavens.

Go Hou Mei, about Seven Fire Dragons

Seven Fire Dragons
7 Fire Dragons of Wei.png
Group Info
Name Seven Fire Dragons
Rank Great General
Location Wei
State Wei
Affiliation Wei Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Go Kei
Gai Mou
Tai Ro Ji
Earl Shi
Rei Ou
Shou Sen
Ba Tou
Side Infos

The Seven Fire Dragons of Wei are a famous group of Great Generals, who fought many raging battles against the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Three Great Heavens of Zhao.


During King Anri's reign, seven of Wei's strongest great generals took up arms in Wei's service. However, shortly after the forming, Tai Ro Ji, one of the Fire Dragons murdered Shi Kika, Earl Shi's younger sister. Her death caused a huge incident where the Fire Dragons, save for Go Kei, split into two sides and fought harshly to the point even the king was unable to stop them. This resulted in the deaths of Tai Ro Ji, Ba Tou and Shou Sen by the hands of Earl Shi.

The king furious at their actions ordered for their execution, however, Go Kei prevented this from happening through unknown means. Ultimately the three surviving Fire Dragons were imprisoned for 14 years underground. The king then decided to cover this up with a story where one Fire Dragon was slain by Ren Pa whereas the rest died of illness. As a result of this incident, none of the Fire Dragons aside from Go Kei have ever got as famous as the Qin's Six Generals.


Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

Earl Shi, Gai Mou & Rei Ou

After fourteen years in prison, Go Kei's son, Go Hou Mei had the current King of Wei to release the three remaining Fire Dragons; Earl Shi, Gai Mou, and Rei Ou. They were led by Go Hou Mei and his Go Hou Mei Army. Earl Shi and his Earl Shi Army, Gai Mou's own Gai Mou Army, and Rei Ou's Rei Ou Army faced against Gyoku Hou Unit, Tou Army and Hi Shin Unit in a three-pronged battle. Tou was used as a decoy against Rei Ou. They were only given 3 days to be victorious.

In the fight between Hi Shin Unit and Gai Mou, the battle was brutal, with Jun Sou was captured by Kyou Kai and Gai Mou captured Ka Ryo Ten. They engaged in battle, which led Gai Mou to retreat and Hi Shin Unit finished their objective when Kyou Kai herself assaulted Wei HQ.

In the fight between Gyoku Hou Unit and Earl Shi, Ou Hon initially was successful in penetrating Wei's reserves when they were ambushed by Earl Shi, wounding Ou Hon. He was forced to retreat and later fought against Earl Shi and slain him in a duel.

In the fight between Tou Army and Rei Ou, Tou just bluffed when they were attacked by Ran Bi Haku. He just ordered a back-and-forth battle.

In Roku O Mi Army that never made progress in 2 days, they came charging through Wei lines in one day and which thrown Go Hou Mei's plan into shatters. Rei Ou retreated and was killed by Shin after Hou Mei called him "Hou Mei" and the former retreats.

War of the Three States Arc[]

Go Hou Mei received the title of Fire Dragon at some point before 235 B.C.


It is known that the Fire Dragons in the past fought against the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Three Great Heaven of Zhao and were on par with them at some points. Because of that, it can be assumed they have a great talent for warfare.


There didn't seem to be a "loyalty of iron" between these men, like it was for the Six Great Generals of Qin, as they were divided into two different factions, who eventually confronted and eliminated each other.


First Generation[]

Go Kei portrait.png
Go Kei
slain by Duke Hyou
Gai Mou portrait.PNG
Ba Tou.png
Ba Tou
slain by Earl Shi during internal fight
Shi Haku portrait.png
Earl Shi
Slain by Ou Hon
Rei Ou portrait.png
Rei Ou
slain by Shin
Tai Ro Ji torso.png
Tai Ro Ji
slain by Earl Shi during internal fight
Shou Sen.png
Shou Sen
slain by Earl Shi during internal fight

Second Generation[]