Sen To Un
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
State Chu
Professional Information
Classification General
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Chu Military
Man U Army
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 650

Sen To Un is a General of Chu who stations in the city of Juuko. [1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In contradiction to Man U figure who is thought to be a giant, Sen To Un is a well built but tall and slender. Mistaken him as flimsy. Wearing a cape and a scale like armor set.

His hair reach down to his neck and has three front side hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like all his fellow generals of Juuko army, he is not loyal to CHU. And a warmongering man who often competes with Man U to see who gets to reach to enemy HQ first.

Lacking common sense of clothing such as believing that wearing boots and cape have covered his whole naked body when playing Mahjong.

Unlike his other fellow general, Sen To Un is by far the most reckless or suicidal general among Juuko army. Often bringing himself to wherever the fight is the bloodiest or most dangerous place he can possibly find. He also finds 'Saving HQ', 'withdrawing' or any sensible action a boredom and refuse to take that kind of action unless he is forced to.

His fellow generals were concerned of his future as Sen To Un has a tendency to, when being excited, feel erected in midway and almost spill out his seed which would have create a mess, just by the thought of facing Great General. At other times he experience pleasure when facing dangerous situation like being sandwiched by Roku O Mi Army and Ran Bi Haku Army

History[edit | edit source]

12 years before Qin-Wei alliance was form, Sen To un was the Great General of Reki, a minor nation / Statelet that he served to fight against the aggressive expansion of the Chu. Because Reki was located north of Chu (between Wei and Chu borders), and situated near Beki, where Man U resides as hero. They were regarded as 'two heroes' that repelled Chu's army invasion time and time again. However, one day, Reki surrendered to Chu, in a similar fate as Man U, Sen To un and his army were left stranded to roam across Chu. Fighting on even though their nation falls. Eventually, he was broken, surrendered and, due to his abilities as a Great General, he was assign as Juuko army at Juuko city.

From then on, he would passed his time engaging the enemy in a more suicidal way, often competing with Man U to see who gets to reach the enemy HQ first.

Story[edit | edit source]

War of the Three States Arc[edit | edit source]

He and his fellow generals were playing Mahjong when news of Mou Bu was approaching to Juuko, upon hearing this, Man U and Sen To un were so excited that Man U ordered the rest of Juuko army, including Gen U and Ju Ko Ou to sally out 80,000 men of Juuko army to engaged the coming invasion of Qin.

When Man U engaged the Qin army of 30,000 men led by Mou Bu, Sen To Un, impatiently led his men to charged at the flank of Qin army, but was stopped with the arrival of Qin reinforcements and Chu reinforcements, Roku O Mi, Tou, Haku Rei and Kou Yoku. With the battle heavily on Chu's favor and vastly outnumbered the Qin's army. Sen To Un thought of either kill the CHU reinforcements or head to Mou Bu as soon as possible before Man U finish him off.

This quickly changed with the unexpected arrival of Wei army that come to join as allies of Qin. Ju Ko Ou, seeing this, had all Chu to withdraw and create a formation. With Sen To Un being far center that is at risked of being flank by Qin and Wei army. With Chu army side of 110,000 men vs the Qin-Wei alliance of 120,000. The Battle at Gecchi Plains begin.

Sen To Un's army was engaged both against Roku O Mi Army and Ran Bi Haku Army. Despite being sandwiched by Qin and Wei army as well as engaging two generals. Sen To Un easily hold them off, toying them around even.

As the battle continues, Sen To Un has placed the engaging Qin-Wei army that sought for his head a stalemate, eventually Go Hou Mei changed his strategy to have the whole Wei army as 'Support' and Qin as 'Offensive' after the death of Ba Kai that affectively reduced the whole offensive capabilities of Wei army as a whole. With the recent turn of event, Roku O Mi did his best to hold down Sen To Un while Ran Bi Haku and his men left to assist Tou and Mou Bu that were on stalemate.

With the 'Berserker', Ran Bi Haku, gone, Sen To Un quickly lost interests in the fight while beating Roku O Mi to a pulp. Eventually he found his new target, the Wei's HQ. Left the Roku O Mi army behind and charged at his new target. While doing so, Ryuu Han was called to intercept Sen To Un as soon as possible. By the time Sen To Un army have broken through and nearly reached the Wei HQ, he was stopped by the three sides of attack by Ryuu Han's golden company, RoKu O Mi army and Wei's defense army Headquarters.

He fought on all sides until he had to withdraw after CHU HQ fall under Tou Army. Being the furthest, he and his men plunged through the enemy that blocked their path, eventually joined up with the withdrawing Chu army. Much to Sen To Un's disappointment.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a former Great General, Sen To Un is an exceptional commander. Despite his appearance of being flimsy, he toyed around with Ran Bi Haku and Roku O Mi so easily, that the 'Berserker' Ran Bi Haku, known for giving Ou Ki and Kyou a trouble during Six Great Generals era, had a rough time dealing with Sen To Un. Even Roku O Mi, a powerful general in his own right, gave Sen To Un an impression of being just 'mediocre', to the point that Sen To Un simply grabbed Roku O Mi's glaive from behind while blocking Ran Bi Haku's attack before Roku O mi can make a full swing against him.

Wielding a glaive, he fought like a suicide-madman, rampaging and killing dozens that gets in his way. Often placing himself in the most dangerous or reckless action where the fight is most intense.

Under his leadership, his men go to any length of following their leader regardless of how reckless the situation maybe. It's very likely that their fighting skills are on par with Man U Army as they often compete each to see who can reach the enemy HQ first.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sen To Un portrait

References[edit | edit source]

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