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Season 4 of Kingdom covers starting from the chapter 364.

The following arcs will be covered:

Arc Chapters Episodes Episodes S4
Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc 364-365 104 1
Conspiracy in the Court Arc 366-378 104-108 1-5
Fire Dragons of Wei Arc 379-401 109- 6-
State of Ai Arc 402-437

It premiered on April 9, 2022.

The season is being animated and produced by Studio Signpost with 26 episodes.


Qin managed to survive the coalition war however, the battle that engulfed the whole of China left a huge mark on both Qin, which was attacked, and the countries that participated in the combined armies.

In Qin, there were those who planned to take advantage of the chaos to start a civil war. In addition, Ryo Fui moves to the final stage of achieving his own ambitions.

After overcoming a crisis of national survival, signs of new upheaval began to emerge in Qin.