Kingdom 2


One year has passed since the last great war. Shin and his unit has grown, but he is still not strong enough to protect Ei Sei. In order to get stronger and reach his goal of becoming a Great General, he participates in more conquests to gain merit and increase his rank. However, he is not alone. He meets two other young prodigies that are his age who have achievements that rival his. There are no big names entering the battlefield. That, however, is about to change. Unexpected allies and new enemies arise. While Ei Sei has problems of his own at the home front, Shin faces one of his greatest rivals. Shin faces the darkness of the Qin faction and learns that other militaries have different views on warfare. However, Shin's unit starts to face problems because they lose one of their most trusted comrades, Kyou Kai. Losing her is costly because she was their strategist. An unexpected new member joins Shin's crew to take her place. After this new member joins, Shin starts to win and grow again.


This season covers chapter 174 - 258.


Air date: 2013-06-08

Finish date: 2014-03-01

Total episodes: 39

Season status: Complete