Sai Taku

Sai Taku portrait

Sai Taku anime portrait

Chinese Cai Ze
Kanji 蔡沢
Romaji Sai Takku
Epithet Four Pillars of Ryo Fui
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Hair White
Skin Pale
State Yan (Originated)
Location Kanyou City (death place)
Professional Information
Occupation Politician
Affiliates Qin Government
Ryo Fui Faction (Defunct)
Ei Sei Faction
Political Position Chancellor (Former)
Japanese VA Senda Mitsuo
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Anime Debut Episode 16
Sai Taku was one of the Four Pillars of Ryo Fui. He was the highest ranked diplomat in Qin and was usually stationed in Yan.


He was a tiny old man with white hair and a long beard. As an official, he was always seen in court robes.


He was highly intelligent and does not let anybody know what he was actually thinking. For example, he was one of Ryo Fui four pillars, his last work was to ensure the vision of Ei Sei’s unification of China. In the youth, he had hoped to forge a path that could alter China's future to reduce the bloodshed. However, he was disillusioned and was convinced such a path did not exists until he witnessed Ei Sei's tenacity and vision in You during Sei's coronation. Afterwards, he was convinced Ei Sei had the qualities of a king that appeared only once every 1000 years.


He was originally from the state of Yan. Decades ago, he was a chancellor under King Sho of Qin. He served under four kings of Qin and achieved great honors.


Training ArcEdit

After the assassination attempt on Ei Sei, he along with the others in the Ryo Fui Faction came to court. During the meeting he told Sei, to hurry and mature because he will serve only those who are strong. After the meeting, he told Ri Shi that Ryo Fui was not trying to kill Sei that night, but instead tried to have some fun.

Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

On his way back to Qin, he encountered Geki Shin and warned him of the danger in facing Ri Boku and Hou Ken

At the swearing-in of the new chancellors, when Shou Bun Kun was made chancellor on the left, Sai Taku told Ri Shi to be patient as his time will soon come to be a chancellor.

Coalition Invasion Arc Edit

During the Coalition invasion he was sent by Shou Hei Kun to stop the state of Qi from invading Qin and was granted passage to see the king. Mentioning how peculiar the king was, Sai Taku states that it was the reason why they were granted an audience. In talking with Ou Ken, he hears what Ri Boku offered and agrees to double it if the Qi broke off from the Coalition army. After Ou Ken agreed, he left the rest to the military of Qin. 

Bureaucrats Job Arc Edit

Sai Taku had organised a meeting with the kings of both Qi and Qin. He did that completely on his own behalf, and surprised everybody in the Qin court with this action. Since he had to transport the king of Qi through all of China, he had to pay a bribe to Zhao for a save travel, stopped all the fighting on the Qin-Zhao border and allow their prime minister Ri Boku a meeting with the king of Qin as well. These actions were called treason by some of the officials, but Ei Sei agreed to the meeting and its conditions without hesitation.

The meeting with the king of Qi was without any big prepartion, on a terrace with just one of Qins chancellors and Sai Taku accompanying them. It was Sai Taku that chose it should be Shou Bun Kun instead of Shou Hei Kun, what surprised both of them. In the meeting Ei Sei convinced Ou Ken of his way in conquering China, and Ou Ken offered to surrender if Ei Sei would keep his ambition until his armies reach the state of Qi. But if Qin would fail to do so, he himself would rally a second coaltion army to destroy Qin.

When this meeting was over, it occurred, that Sai Taku did not answer anymore. His time had run out, but he finished his life with one of the biggest achievements. The verbal promise of king Ou Ken to Ei Sei, to surrender if Qin does not change its attitude.  


Strength 1
Leadership 90
Intelligence 92
Experience S
Important diplomat of the east
Strength 3
Leadership 92
Intelligence 93
Experience S
100 Experience

Sai Taku was a skilled diplomat and was shrewd in how he approaches scenarios. He was old friends with the Qi king and was able to convince him to withdraw from the coalition army.



Sai Taku's beard
Sai Taku stroking his beard
Sai Taku
Old Chancellor of Qin
Sai Taku's shocked
Sai Taku's shocked by Ryo Fui's
rejection of Ri Boku's offer
Sai Taku warns Geki Shin
Sai Taku warns Geki Shin of Hou Ken
Sai Taku ask Qi King
Sai Taku asks Ou Ken how much did Ri Boku bribe him with
Sai Taku diplomat
Sai Taku request to Ou Ken
Sai Taku Touched by Ei Sei's Speech
Sai Taku Touched by Ei Sei's speech
Sai Taku's last Request
Sai Taku's last request
Sai Taku's Last Goodbye to Ei Sei
Sai Taku's Last Goodbye to Ei Sei
Sai Taku's Dies of Old Age
Sai Taku's Dies of Old Age


Sai Taku Character Design anime S1
Sai Taku's character design anime S1
Sai Taku AS2
Sai Taku in Anime season 2

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