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Sai Army
Sai's defense posts.PNG
Group Info
Name Sai Army
Location Sai
State Qin
Status Active
Group Personnel
Commander(s) King Ei Sei
Side Infos
Specialty Siege Defense

The Sai Army consists of the officers, soldiers and civilians that took part in the defense of the city of Sai against the Ri Boku Army. Later on, with their regular army in their city, they were now trying to fight Ai Army's rampage.



Coalition Invasion Arc[]

The army was formed from the remnants of Sai's inhabitants who chose to fight to the end. Ei Sei commanded the army by himself. He chose several commanders to led the wall defenses. Shin on south, Heki on the east, Shou Bun Kun on the west, and Kai Oku on the north.

The siege took 8 days until Yo Tan Wa arrived to attack Ri Boku Army's positions.

State of Ai Arc[]

Sai Army went on to prepare the way for Hi Shin Unit to attack Ai Army. But they suffered casualties from Ai Army's defenses. Shin broke the defenses and went on to assist them on retrieving Kanyou. The army was used as main force, until Shou Hei Kun and others went on.


Ei Sei portrait.PNG
Ei Sei
Shin main page portrait.PNG
Southern Wall Commander
Shou Bun Kun main page portrait.PNG
Shou Bun Kun
Western Wall Commander
Heki portrait.PNG
Eastern Wall Commander
Kai Oku portrait.png
Kai Oku
Northern Wall Commander
Bu Mei portrait.PNG
Bu Mei
Sai's personal guard
Ka Ryo Ten portrait.PNG
Ka Ryo Ten
Mouki Main Page.png
Mou Ki
Koua & Kinryuu.PNG
Koua and Kinryuu


Sai Army archers.PNG
Crossbow Teams
Sai Army reserves.PNG
Reserve troops
Sai Army logistics.PNG
Logistics division: Cooking, Medical, Resupply Teams
Sai Army walls.PNG
Walls defending units


Sei's army.PNG
Ei Sei's Personal Army
Shou Hei Kun's vassals.PNG
Shou Hei Kun's Vassals


Kan Shuu portrait.PNG
Goin portrait.PNG
Gou In
Gaku Kou portrait.PNG
Gaku Kou
Sai Kyou portrait.PNG
Sai Kyou
Koushun portrait.PNG
Kou Shun
Ganchou portrait.PNG
Gan Chou
Han portrait.PNG
Ki and Kou portrait.PNG
Brothers Ki and Kou
Kon portrait.PNG