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Ryuu Sen
Chinese Long Chuan
Kanji 竜川
Biographical Information
Marital Status Married
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Relatives Unnamed Wife
Five Unnamed Children
State Qin
Location With the Hi Shin Army, Zhao
Professional Information
Affiliates Qin Military
Hi Shin Army
Ryuu Sen Unit
Military Rank 500-Man Commander
Equipment War Mace
Japanese VA Hidenori Takahashi
Manga Debut Chapter 113
Anime Debut Episode 26

Ryuu Sen is one of the original veterans and a 500-Man Commanders of the Hi Shin Army.


Ryuu Sen is a large man. Despite his obese look, he is quite muscular, as proven by his enormous strength. He has long hair tied in a top-knot and unusually small eyes and lips. His attire is that of a 100-man commander of Qin.


Ryuu Sen is very determined to protect his family and home. This was the driving force pushing him forward in his first battle. When on winning streak very confident. His child was born one month before the Qin/Zhao Bayou war.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Ryuu Sen was recruited by Den Yuu to become the 16th Squad Leader of a 5-man team within Shin's independent 100-man unit.

Ryuu Sen with his family

Ryuu Sen at first felt nervous because it was his first battle. Shou Sa told the unit that Ryuu Sen’s first child was born a month before the war and he was worried. The whole unit started to feel uneasy. Shin got them back on topic. And explained what horrors will befall all of Qin if they fail. And that could also happen to his child. Ryuu Sen then banged his head into the ground and told Shin he was ready. When they charge the Zhao, Ryuu Ssen single-handedly opened a path for them.

With the help of his strength, the Hi Shin Unit eventually managed to get near the enemy HQ. General Fuuki maneuvered his HQ away from the Hi Shin Unit when suddenly 4th Army Commander Kanuo and 1000-man commanders Heki and Shou Kaku showed up and commenced battle against Fuuki's elite guards. This gave Shin the opportunity to slay Fuuki while the general tried to escape.

A few days later, the Hi Shin Unit was folded into the 4th army to hit the Zhao HQ with their whole army. They then charged the foot of the mountain to set up their HQ. They then saw that the Zhao had practically made it into a fortress. When they climbed Shin had Suu Gen and Shou Sa cover Ryuu Sen while he broke the fence. When they entered the Zhao started retreating. Den Ei notices that the Zhao was already long gone by the time they got there. And have moved their HQ and soldiers to a new location.

That night after taking the hill the Hi Shin Unit rested when all of a sudden Hou Ken broke into their camp and shortly followed by General Mangoku's soldiers. In that night raid, the Hi Shin Unit would lose many of its men from Hou Ken's own hands and while being chased down by Mangoku's army. Shou Sa even said that Ryuu Sen lost his whole squad. Eventually, the Hi Shin Unit would regroup and fold into Great General Ouki's main army. 

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

On the second day of the Battle of Sai, he fought against 3000-man commander Fu Tei but was quickly defeated. Ryuu Sen then later appeared again wounded but alive and pushed the 3000-captain off the southern wall.

State of Ai Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


Strength 89
Leadership 72
Intelligence 65
Experience C

Physical Abilities[]

Ryuu Sen's strength.png

Immense Strength: As member of the Four Monster Squad, Ryuu Sen have an enormous strength as he is three times stronger than Den Yuu. He is also very skilled with a mace.


Ryuu Sen squad leader.png
5-Man Squad Leader
Ryuu Sen in battle.png
10-Man Squad Leader
Heavy Weight Squad.png
The Heavy Weight Squad of the Hi Shin Unit
Ryuu Sen's wife and child.jpg
Hi Shin's Farewell to Kyou Kai.PNG
Ryuu Sen 100-man Commander.PNG
100-man Commander
Fu Tei Vs Ryuu Sen.png
Ryuu Sen being cut down by Fu Tei
Ryuu Sen defeated.PNG
Ryuu Sen defeated by Fu Tei
Ryuu Sen charges Fu Tei.PNG
Ryuu Sen charges and pushes Fu Tei off the southern wall

Ryuu Sen's Wife And Child anime S1.PNG
Ryuu Sen's wife and child
Ryuu Sen Strikes His Head Into The Ground anime S1.PNG
Ryuu Sen strikes his head into the ground
Ryuu Sen Opens A Path anime S1.PNG
Ryuu Sen opens a path
Ryuu Sen AS2.png
Ryuu Sen in Anime season 2
Ryuu Sen Versus Den Yuu In An Arm Wrestling anime S2.PNG
Ryuu Sen vs Den Yuu in an arm wrestling
Shin Beats Ryuu Sen In An Arm Wrestling anime S2.PNG
Ryuu Sen defeated by Shin in an arm wrestling


  • Ryuu Sen was revealed to be a 100-man Commander in the Chapter 251 side story.
  • In the anime, Ryuu Sen is seen as a cavalry soldier.

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