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Ryuu Haku Kou
Kanji 龍白公
Biographical Information
Marital Status Married
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed Wife

Chou Kei Ryuu Fu (eldest son)
Sou Kan † (youngest son)

State Zhao
Location Eikyuu
Professional Information
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ko Chou Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 675

Ryuu Haku Kou was a General of Ko Chou Army and one of the personal vassals under Great General Ko Chou.


Ryuu Haku Kou was an old general with gray long hair and a beard. He has a scar on right eye and a jewel on his forehead. He wears decorated armor with feathers on his shoulders.


Ryuu Haku Kou had deep affections for his son. When he found his young son dead in a brutal way, it led to his heartbreak and he went on a rampage on his enemies.


Ryuu Haku Kou had two sons many years ago, and happily recalls them bonding as they grew up.

He has fought alongside Kou Chou long enough to have risen to a position of one of his most trusted generals.


Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Ryuu Haku Kou is one of the generals stationed against Qin at Eikyuu, and has been fighting the Kan Ki army. His child is captured by a clan under Raido. Upon hearing of this, he rides to where his son would be, trailed by a group of his cavalry telling him not to be so rash, and that he is probably entering a trap. He comes to a clearing and sees his son tied to the trunk of a tree, impaled with multiple spears into his body, dead. Upon this discovery he immediately sobs with grief, while the Raido Clan jumps out of the bushes to ambush him.

Despite being separated from his group of cavalry and surrounded on all sides, he manages to kill many of the Raido Clan soldiers despite taking two spears to the back and being pierced by many arrows mostly due to the rage and grief of seeing his son's corpse which Raido noted. This eventually leads to Raido, upon hearing of more enemies fast approaching his location, to step in and swing his glaive into the back of Ryuu Haku Kou who manages to survive and recognize who Raido is. And when Raido mocks how the youngest son died, Ryuu Haku Kou strikes with enough force to force Raido back, yelling at him to not mock his son. However, Raido soon manages to cut off the arm holding the glaive and later swings his glaive into the neck of Ryuu Haku Kou who is unable to block it but manages to grab Raido's glaive with his remaining hand, with the latter speaking the name of his youngest son as his last word before he died.

The remaining arm of Ryuu Haku Kou however even after death was still holding onto Raido's glaive so tightly that Raido had to order one of his subordinates to cut it off so he could leave with the rest of his men. And this small amount of time was enough for Lord Choukei Ryuufu, the eldest son, to arrive with his forces, taking out the ambushers and capturing Raido himself.


As a deputy and a vassal of Ko Chou, Ryuu Haku Kou was a capable military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Ryuu Haku Kou was proficient with a glaive and shown a considerable martial skill. Before his death, he slain multiple men from Rai Do Clan and took multiple arrows. He even strike Rai Do with enough force to push him back.


Ryuu Haku Kou was a capable leader and led his men to the frontline. His men were greatly upset when he was cut down by men from Rai Do Clan.