Ryo Fui

Ryo Fui portrait

Ryo Fui anime portrait

Chinese Lü Buwei
Kanji 呂不韋
Romaji Ryo Fui
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Mid to late 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Purple
Hair Brown
Skin Brown
State Zhao (Originated)
Residence Kanyou City
Location You City (Former)
Birth Place Zhao
Professional Information
Occupation Politician
Affiliates Qin Government
Royal Palace (Former)
Ryo Fui Faction (Defunct)
Political Position Chancellor of the State (Former)
Japanese VA Tesshō Genda
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Anime Debut Episode 1
Allow me to say this, Ri Boku. When it comes to doing business, I have never in my entire life budged a single inch from my offered price.

—Ryo Fui negotiating with Ri Boku.

Ryo Fui is the leader of Ryo Fui Faction, a former Chancellor of the Right and Chancellor of State of Qin. He stubbornly opposes Ei Sei in hopes of seizing the throne of Qin and create his ideal kingdom based on a powerful economy and making citizens happy without war conflicts, and with it, unify China in the long run.


Ryo Fui is a well built middle-aged man. He has a long brown goatee, long hair, and a thin mustache.


He loves gambling and has some luck with it. He likes to get what he wants and is used to it. He has shown great ambition in gaining the throne of Qin and slyness equaling to his ambition. Ryo Fui went to the extent of giving his fiancee to the past Qin king to win his trust and gain a higher ranking. He openly admitted that he tried to assassinate the king, forcing Ei Sei to show that he had no power to punish him for the crimes he committed.

History Edit

Ryo Fui is a former merchant of the state of Zhao. He gained power and got the position of the Chancellor of the Right of Qin after helping prince Sou Jou gain the throne by using bribes. Amongst the investments he made to make Shiso king and to prove his support, he made his fiancé become one of Shiso's many women.

The first talented person he recruited was Shou Hei Kun, after being promoted to Chancellor of the Right of Qin. Sometime later, in order to strengthen his faction, he created the Four Pillars of Ryo Fui, a group consisting of persons considered among the best in their respective fields. The members were: Shou Hei Kun, Mou Bu, Sai Taku, and Ri Shi.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion ArcEdit

Ryo Fui at the start of the series was in a military campaign against Wei while at the same time the Sei Kyou faction was rebelling against the Ei Sei faction in the capital of Kanyou. When a messenger was dispatched by the Ei Sei faction to inform him about the rebellion and to seek help, Ryo Fui had the messenger executed under the excuse that they were sent by Wei to stir up confusion. The true intention of Ryo Fui was to allow the Sei Kyou faction to overthrow Ei Sei and then he Ryo Fui comes later to suppress the rebellion, kills Sei Kyou in the course of that and makes himself the new king. When news of Sei Kyou's defeat by Ei Sei and his men reached him, he was furious.

Assassination Plot ArcEdit

Ryo Fui, due to his childish nature, sent assassins clans including Kyou Kai to murder Sei. The assassination attempt failed miserably.

Training ArcEdit

Ryo Fui returns to Kanyou with his Four Pillars. He openly admitted that he tried to assassinate the king, and knowing full well he had no chance of putting him on trial due to his overwhelming power in the court, Ei Sei passed it as a joke as if it was false. In effect, he began pressuring the Ei Sei faction by gaining support from many influential officials that went against the king, Shou Bun Kun, Shi Shi, and other ministers.

Battle of Bayou ArcEdit

Alliance ArcEdit

Third Faction ArcEdit

The king looked to his callous Queen Mother for support against the Ryo Fui faction. She held absolute control over the Royal Harem and not even Ryo Fui had influence in her territory. The Queen falsely made it believe she was providing help to the king but in reality, was already in alliance with Ryo Fui in which they both had sexual relations and past intimate feelings for one another. Fortunately, one of the palace girls named Kou heard Ryo Fui and the Queen's conversation on murdering the king and taking the throne. Ei Sei found out about this and began taking charge against Ryo Fui by spreading rumors on his affair with the Queen with the help of Shi Shi which weakened his support from ministers from the court.

Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

Later on, he gains the position of Chancellor of the state which gave him much more power, second only to Ei Sei. With this development, Ei Sei reluctantly released Sei Kyou from prison in which they agreed to assist each other against Ryo Fui. The king gains numerous support from ministers of royal blood and his power greatly increases. He is seen in the war meetings between Ri Boku as well in the discussions on how to defeat the Allied Coalition in which he shows great weariness.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Conspiracy in the Court ArcEdit

State of Ai ArcEdit

Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

Ryo Fui is stripped of his rank for his crimes against the State and kingdom.


Strength 60
Leadership 90
Intelligence 91
Experience A
Politics 90
Achieve the ruling of China with money
Strength 60
Leadership 90
Intelligence 90
Experience A
Politics 90
Gambling Luck: 100
Strength unknown
Leadership unknown
Intelligence 90
Ambition 100
Politics 90
Gambling Luck: 100

Ryo Fui is a master manipulator who was able to use Ei Sei's father to further his ambitions for more power. He is a skilled, cunning politician as he was able to divert Ei Sei's mother's attention from himself and gain allies from the royal harem faction in the process. 

His skills in politics are such vast that he was directly compared to Shou Ou and Han Shou - two other famous Qin Chancellors.


Young Ryo Fui
Young Ryo Fui
Ryo Fui first introduction
Ryo Fui appears before Ei Sei
Ryo Fui chansellor of state
Ryo Fui appointed as the Chancellor of the State
Ryo Fui Character Design anime S1
Ryo Fui's character design anime S1
Ryo Fui AS2
Ryo Fui in Anime season 2
Ri Boku And Ryo Fui's First Meeting anime S2
Ryo Fui meets Ri Boku
Episode 48 portrait
Ryo with Queen Mother in the Royal Harem


Royal Palace
Royal Family Rou Ai - Queen Mother

Government Chou Kou - Ko Reki
Generals Current
Han O Ki
Wa Tegi

Commanders Han Roki - Ha Mui - Bu Tai
Royal Palace
Royal FamilyFormerly
Shou Hei Kun

GovernmentShun Shin Kun
Great GeneralsKan Mei - Ka Rin

Rin Bu Kun

1000-Man CommandersHaku Rei - Kou Yoku
Great GeneralsSei Kai

2000-Man CommandersFormerly
Leader Jo Elder

Civilian Shuu (Jo)
Royal Palace
Royal Family Ou Ken
Royal Family Current
Ei Sei - Queen Mother - Rei - Rui
Boku Kou - Sei Kyou - Sho - Sou Jou

Government Current
Ri Shi - Ryo Fui - Sai Taku - Shi Shi - Shou Hei Kun - Shou Bun Kun
Ketsu Shi

Royal Harem Amin - Chou Kou - Kou - Rou Ai - You
Great Generals Current
Mou Bu - Tou
Chou Tou - Duke Hyou - Mou Gou

Six Great Generals:
Ko Shou - Kyou - Haku Ki - Ou Ki - Ou Kotsu - Shiba Saku

Generals Current
Do Mon - Heki - Kan Ki - Kan Ou - Ou Sen - Roku O Mi - Ryuu Koku - Shou Kaku
Dou Kin - Ei Bi - En Ka - Koku Gou - Ra Gen - Rin Bou - Ryuu

5000-Man CommandersOu Hon - Shin

3000-Man CommandersKyou Kai

2000-Man CommandersMou Ten

1000-Man CommandersCurent
Hoku Shu - Gaku Rai - Kaku Un - Kan Jou - Ogiko - Ran Dou
Baku Koshin - Jou Han - Kaku Bi - Tai Un

100-Man CommandersChu Tetsu - Den Ei - Den Yuu - Hai Rou - Kyo Gai - Ryuu Sen

10-Squad LeadersBi Hei - Ro En - Ryuu Yuu - Seki - Suu Gen - Taku Kei

5-Squad LeadersFormer
Batsu Ken - Bi Tou - Bun Ketsu - Hou - Kyou Ji - San Ka - Yuu Gi

StrategistsKa Ryo Ten - Kai Oku - Mou Ki
Mountain Tribe
King Yo Tan Wa

Elders Chouga Elders

Warriors Ba Jio - Fuji - Rankai - Shunmen - Tajifu - Toji
Royal Palace
Royal Family Kei Bin
Great GeneralsCurrent
Go Hou Mei
Seven Fire Dragons:
Gai Mou
Go Kei - Tai Roji - Shi Ei - Rei Ou - Shou Sen - Ba Tou

Generals Current
Fuu Haku - Kan Ei
Kyuu Gen - Haku Kisai - Ga Gyuu - Rinko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou

1000-Man CommandersFormer
Dou Sei

StrategistsHyou Ki
Great GeneralsCurrent
Geki Shin - Gaku Ki
Royal Palace
Royal Family Tou Jou
Great Generals Three Great Heavens
Ri Boku - Hou Ken
Rinshoujou - Ren Pa - Chousha
Gaku Jou

Generals Current
Kou Son Ryuu - Ri Haku - Ki Sui - Ba Nan Ji - Shuu Sui Ju
Man Goku - Shou Mou - Fuu Ki - Rin Ko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou - Kei Sha

Army Commanders Current
Ba Tei - Kin Mou - Gaku Ei - Kai Gou
Ryuu Tou

1000-Man CommanderGou Ran

Strategists Chousou

CommandersKaine - Fu Tei


Ryo Fui - Shi Ka - A Mon - Kou Shou

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