Kingdom Wiki
Chinese Liu Yi
Kanji 瑠衣
Romaji Ru I
Epithet Princess of the North East
Biographical Information
Marital Status Widowed
Age Early 20s
Gender Female
Relatives Sho (Great Grandfather-in-law)
Shi So (Father-in-law)
Queen Mother (Stepmother-in-law)
Ei Sei (Half Brother-in-law)
Sei Kyou (Husband)
Kou (Half Sister-in-law)
Rei (Half Niece)
Fuso (Half Nephew)
State Qin
Residence Tonryuu City
Location City of You (Former)
Birth Place Tonryuu City
Professional Information
Classification Princess
Occupation Politician
Affiliates Qin Government
Royal Palace
Royal Harem
Sei Kyou Faction (Defunct)
Ei Sei Faction
Manga Debut Chapter 368
Anime Debut Episode 105

Rui is a palace girl of the state of Qin and Sei Kyou's first wife.


Rui has long strawberry blonde hair, with two braids framing her face. She has full lips and large, crystal blue eyes. The Princess of the North East always is seen wearing clothes fitting of that title, such as long silk robes and fur collars. She also dons jewels across her forehead, and wears a crown of gold and diamonds.


She likes Sei Kyou and is shown to blush when he is mentioned. She is shown to be very protective of Sei Kyou, as, in the past, she threw stones at Ei Sei because 'he was his enemy'. She is also arrogant as she calls Shou Bun Kun a Moustache guy despite his position in the state. After the death of her beloved husband, she succeeded him as the leader of his faction and gained a large degree of determination to ensure his death wasn't in vain and to defeat the one responsible for setting up his demise, Ryo Fui.


Rui was betrothed to Sei Kyou at a young age. Initially, the two did not get along as she stated he had an unpleasant face while he was angered by her insolence. On the other hand, he was secretly entranced by her and eventually developed feelings for her. Meanwhile, she was loyal enough that she would throw rocks at his perceived enemy, Ei Sei.


Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

She was first shown blushing when a messenger notified her that Sei Kyou was coming with his carriage. She was very surprised when she sees Ei Sei instead of Sei Kyou. She greeted them and mentioned she overheard Shou Bun Kun stating his suspicions of Sei Kyou. In response, she declared that her husband was dedicating everything to the prosperity and safety of the kingdom, and it would be unthinkable for Seikyou to turn on Sei as even if he still wanted to, both factions still have to worry about Ryo Fui.

Shortly afterward, she returned to Tonryuu for her grandmother's eightieth birthday taking a gift from Seikyou with her. When the Zhao army appeared at the gates, she let Ho Kaku lead her away from where he imprisoned her.

She sat in her prison until Seikyou arrived to rescue her with a few other troops, and they ran away through the hidden corridors of Tonryuu. She left Seikyou behind to hold off the troops and ran through the corridor to safety. She emerged in front of the Hi Shin Unit and begged them to help Seikyou. Though they ran as fast as they could, the didn't reach him in time. She listened to Seikyou's last command to Shin, then embraced him as Seikyou died in her arms.

State of Ai Arc[]

She was on You when the official coronation of Ei Sei began,  she then later appears during the debate between Ei Sei and Ryo Fui.


Strength Unknown
Leadership 80
Intelligence 87
Experience C
Beauty 98



Rui mourns Sei Kyou.PNG
Rui mourns for Sei Kyou's passing


  • She seems to have a paranormal ability of sensing and physically seeing spirits, as seen throughout many moments durring Ei Sei's coronation.
  • Rui has the highest beauty stat.

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