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Bi Ki portrait
Queen Mother
1st Queen of state of Ai

Known Members Edit

Rou Ai portrait
Rou Ai
Queen Mother's Lover
1st King of State of Ai
Executed for treason
You portrait
Palace Girl
Bik Yuu portrait
Bi Kyuu
Slain by A Min
Amin portrait
A Min
Rui portrait
Sei Kyo's widow
Chou Kou
Chou Kou
Chancellor of state of Ai
Kou portrait
Palace Girl
Lover of Ei Sei
Three great families
Three Great Families of Qin
Han Family, Kai Family, Ryou Family
No image
Mother of Fusu



For palace girls, attending to the King is like a battle. Thousands of girls gather at the Harem for the purpose of bearing children for the King. The actual number of girls who give birth is probably only a few dozen, the rest end up becoming their servants. By giving birth to the King's children, they will become one of the few people to hold power in the Harem. If one is lucky to give birth to the first son, then that girl will become Queen of Qin and have the authority to do whatever they please both inside and outside the Harem.

Political SupportEdit

Royal Harem officials

The Three Great Families of Qin that support the royal harem faction are the Han, Kai and Ryou. A large number of the staff currently overseeing the Sanyou region comes from the Royal Harem Camp.

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Anime Edit

Royal Harem anime S2
Royal Harem
Episode 43 portrait
Royal Harem's interior
Queen dowager
Queen Mother sits on the throne
Three Great Families Of Qin With The Eunuchs Arrives In Front Of The Throne Room anime S2
The eunuchs and the head of the Three Great Families of Qin arrives in front of the Throne Room
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