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Roku O Mi Army
Roku O Mi Army.jpg
Group Info
Name Roku O Mi Army
Location Chu
State Qin
Part of Tou Army
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Tou
Leader Roku O Mi
Side Infos

The Roku O Mi Army is the army led by General Roku O Mi of the State of Qin and one of the Forces in the Tou Army.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He was inserted Mou Bu Army, acting as Mou Bu's advisor. But mostly, the hot-blooded general charged through Chou Sou and Ri Haku's trap. It took Ou Ki's effort to rescue them, costing the last of the Qin's Six Greats.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

They were on the side of Tou investigating before the allied states' invasion of Qin. They were at the skirts of Nanko Fort when the Chu invaded it. They also acted as a deterrent to the Chu, but retreated when Dou Kin was slain.

Battle of Kankoku Pass[]

They were on combined Tou Army/Mou Bu Army's position, facing Chu's army. They charged along the Chu lines, reaching Rin Bu Kun Army's HQ, which Rin Bou arrived later. But their leader struggled on the 1st Army's leader until Tou killed Rin Bu Kun.

Days passed, they only were deployed to fight Chu's attack.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

They were alongside Tou Army's retreat against Wei's attack.

Chiyoyou Campaign[]

They were part of Ou Hon's tactic, to charge at 3 directions in 3 days. They were not moved on 2 days, until the last day, they fully charged on a fast-paced attack, grinding their opposition and reaching the HQ after Hi Shin Unit/Kyou Kai Unit charged on one side.

State of Ai Arc[]

After the promotion ceremony, the Gyoku Hou Unit was inserted into the army and went to defend the lands of Qin from the Chu's attack.

Battle of Gento[]

On the battle, they were just defending the area alongside Mou Bu Army against Chu/Ka Rin Army.





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General Roku O Mi