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Roku O Mi
Chinese Lǜ Wu Wei
Kanji 録嗚未
Romaji Rokku Oo Mii
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age Late 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Brown
Skin Brown
State Qin
Residence Ou Ki's City
Location With the Tou Army
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Tou Army
Roku O Mi Army
Qin Military
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Japanese VA Tajiri Hiroaki
Manga Debut Chapter 105
Anime Debut Episode 29
The man who is said to be the strongest in "that army" since long ago. The name of Roku O Mi, 1st Army Commander of the Ouki Army is definitely not for show."

Mou Ten speaking about Roku O Mi.

Roku O Mi is a General of the state of Qin serving under Great General Tou. He used to be the 1st Army Commander and a vassal in the Late Great General Ou Ki's Army.


He has a small goatee similar to Ou Ki's own and is built like a seasoned warrior. His face is usually twisted into either a frown or an angry grin.


Roku O Mi is fiercely determined -- surviving presumed mortal wounds during the coalition invasion; and ordering his troops to climb over the bodies of their dead allies to reach the Zhao camp during the Battle of Bayou. Roku O Mi was deeply loyal to the late Ou Ki, going berserk upon receiving the news of said's death.

Most of all he is hot-blooded, a trait he has frequently displayed through the series. "Hot bloodedness" even appears in his stat sheet, which lists it as "a lot".


It is presumed that Roku O Mi has served in Ou Ki's battles in the past and has worked his way past being a 1000-man commander. As the commander of the 1st army during the Battle of Bayou, he led 20,000 troops into battle.


Training Arc[]

Roku O Mi is first seen, with Ou Ki and his other vassals after returning from a training session with Ou Ki.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He is placed in charge of the 1st army of Qin at the Battle of Bayou. The night before the fourth day, at the meeting between Mou Bu and Ou Ki, he almost got in a fight with the Qin general for not obeying Ou Ki's wishes to have a seat and is placed under Mou Bu's command along with the other commanders so they can attack the Zhao headquarters at once.

On the fourth day of battle, his army charges at the Zhao headquarters some moments after Mou Bu's own, catching the Zhao by surprise. When he makes it to the mountain where the Zhao HQ is situated, he urges his men to climb over any corpses in their way. Following Mou Bu'ss orders to pursue the Zhao forces into the mountainous region. After failing to engage with the enemy forces before nightfall, he sets up camp together with Kan Ou's forces. When Man Goku raid the Kan Ou portion of the camp, Roku O Mi arrives too late to save Kan Ou's army.

His army was fighting against the Man Goku Army when he got news of Ou Ki’s death. He went into a great rage and lead a series of suicidal charges resulting in heavy casualties, but also claiming the lives of twice as many Zhao men from the Man Goku Army.

Alliance Arc[]

At the royal palace, he showed great anger at the suggestion of a Zhao-Qin alliance and was ready to kill the Zhao present at the word of the Qin chancellor Ryo Fui.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

A few months after the Sanyou Campaign, Roku O Mi arrives with Kan Ou near the eastern mountains, with the purpose of investigating the Zhao, Chu, and Wei regions. They meet with Shin, questioning him about his meeting with Ri Boku.

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass, Rokuomi was stationed at the right side of the Kankoku Pass under general Tou. Roku O Mi and Kan Ou were sent to charge the 1st army of the Chu led by Rin Bu Kun. With great fury, he broke through unit after unit of Chu troops to arrive at the position of the Chu General - Rin Bu Kun whom he engages in a duel. However, after they exchange a few blows Rin Bou appears and interrupts them. After that Roku O Mi and Rin Bou charge together at Rin Bu Kun as a tribute to Dou Kin whom Rin Bu Kun had killed earlier. Though, before they reach him Rinbou is struck by an arrow. Rokuomi then resumes fighting Rin Bu Kun but is quickly overpowered as he is dodging Haku Rei's arrows simultaneously. Before Rin Bu Kun can slay him, Tou appears and engages Rin Bu Kun.

On the 15th day of the battle, Roku O Mi was sent to receive the Ka Rin Army when they moved forward towards the Tou Army.

When he saw the War Elephants he rally his soldiers and charge it trying to take it down. When he notices the elephants moving as a unit he set out to kill the commander controlling them. When he and his men went after the commander they felled into a trap and most of his men died. After he was thought to be dead he then climbed up the elephant and slew the commander. After the elephants retreated he noticed that the Tou Army was surrounded. When he became surrounded himself Tou left him out for the vultures.

He was presumed dead but actually survived and returned to the field to make a surprise attack on Ka Rin's 2nd army's rear.

After the repulsion of the Coalition, he went alongside Mou Bu to chase the tail of the Coalition Army.

He was seen on the ceremony but was surprised and looked dismayed when Shin was granted the rank of 3000-Man Commander.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

He was one of the generals who were sent into the battle against Wei. When Ou Hon came up with a strategy including using Roku O Mi as bait, he objected. But later executed the strategy regardless, serving as the commander of one of three independent armies.

State of Ai Arc[]

After the Chiyoyou Campaign, he and his army along with Ou Hon and the Gyoku Hou Unit left Wei to guard the Chu regions. Where they eventually participated in the Battle of Gento.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Tou Army, under orders from Qin high command, came to assist Ou Sen, who was appointed as Supreme Commander for the campaign of the invasion of Gyou after its capture. They arrived at Retsubi that was under Zhao's occupation, during the engagement between Qin and Zhao forces, Roku O Mi was about to lead his soldiers on the frontal line but was called off when Zhao was forced to withdraw with A Kou Army approaching from behind the Retsubi. With Zhao's full retreat. It mark a victory for Qin's forces. But while they were at it. Having abandoned the post where Tou army were, Go Hou Mei took the chance and reclaimed much of Wei's territory until Sanyou.

War of the Three States Arc[]

Sometime after the Western Zhao Invasion, Roku O Mi accompanied Tou to assist Mou Bu Army that was engaged with Man U Army, Though outnumbered with Tou army bringing 20,000 and Mou Bu men of 30,000 strong against 80,000 Juuko army. It should give them a chance to win. As Roku O Mi and Tou were engaged against with the Juuko Army that were flanking against Mou Bu. Another Chu reinforcements of 30,000 men led by Haku Rei and Kou Yoku. Forcing Qin army to retreat but was pinned down by Chu reinforcements. But the tables turn with the unexpected arrival of Wei's army numbering 70,000 led by Go Hou Mei as ally of Qin.

With the situation changed, Ju Ko Ou had place Man U and Kou Yoku to face against Mou Bu and Tou while Gen U and Haku Rei faced the Wei army to avoid being pincered and facing one side only. Sen To Un was placed further outside the center where he was at risk of being attack both sides by Qin-Wei army.

The Battle at Gecchi Plains begins with Qin-Wei alliance gaining the upper hand upon the initial engagement, Roku o Mi and Ran Bi Haku army sandwiched against Sen To Un's army who placed them at a stalemate. Surprising both Qin-Wei HQ who, knowing the strength of Roku O Mi who was the first commander under Ouki leads. And Ran Bi Haku, the 'berserker' renown for giving Ou Ki and Kyou a rough time on the battlefield in the past. Had instead have Sen To Un toyed with them.

The Qin-Wei alliance upper-hand momentum was soon stop as they encountered Gen U's and Man U's actual elite units after breaking through the first line. Ba Kai was slain, reducing and affecting the whole of Wei's offensive capabilities. Go Hou Mei had to have Wei's army as support while Qin army acted as offensive role. Ran Bi Haku and Roku O Mi received orders, the former had to assist Tou and Mou Bu who was under a stalemate while Roku O Mi do what he can to pinned Sen To Un army.

With Ran Bi Haku gone, Sen To Un was heavily-beating Roku O Mi despite Roku O Mi claiming 'Tis a Scratch'. Sen To Un lost interests then found a tempting target, the Wei's HQ where Go Hou Mei is, he left Roku O Mi whose in a beaten state. Seeing this, Roku O Mi gave chased and caught up with Sen To Un army from behind who was now attack from three sides.

The battle ended with Chu HQ being captured and Gen U ordered a full retreat. Marking a victory for Qin-Wei alliance. Roku O Mi came to see Tou and was surprise Ju Ko Ou, the strategist of Juuko army is alive. Ju Ko Ou requested to see Mou Bu to tell the whole story behind Man U's tragedy and the making of Juuko army. Having said everything the Strategist of Juuko army have to say, he requested to be executed as he has nothing left but was denied as he has information essential for he upcoming battle and he's the only who should see the final conclusion of Man U's tragedy.

The Qin/Wei alliance head to the Juuko city that was captured by Wei not too long ago. Roku O Mi along with Qin's officers met up with Wei's officers at the walls of Juuko city. Annoyed with Ryuu Han's arrogant impression and teasing at Roku O Mi, he was stopped by Tou. While listening the conversation between Tou and Go Hou Mei on whose side gaining the advantages at the end of years alliance, Qin taking Zhao, or Wei securing around Juuko territory. Once the alliance is over, they will face each other again as enemies.


Strength 92
Leadership 90
Intelligence 82
Experience A
Tou is messing with him

Strength 91
Leadership 89
Intelligence 82
Experience A
Tou is messing with him

Strength 90
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Experience B
Hot bloodedness: A lot

Strength 90
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Hot bloodedness: A lot

As the 1st commander of Tou Army, Roku O Mi proves to be a capable military leader and skilled warrior in battle. Before becoming a general, He was already rumored to possess capabilities on par with actual generals.

Physical Abilities[]

Roku O Mi possesses a considerable martial prowess as he was considered to be the strongest amongst all commanders in Ou Ki Army. A good example is shown when he was able to break through the Chu defense to reach to Rin Bu Kun and was strong enough to duel and wound the Chu General, who complimented him on the fact as few could do that. In the Battle at Gecchi Plains, he was able to duel Sen To'Un and withstand attacks from the berserker, Ran Bi Haku. In addition to this, his reflexes are well honed as he was able to dodge Haku Rei's arrows after the Chu archer killed Rin Bou.


Roku O Mi is a capable leader and has proven his mettle time and again, leading his forces to easily break through enemy troops. His style of command is to direct his forces from the front in order to inspire his men to a great degree.

Tactical Abilities[]

Roku O Mi appears to have decent tactical and strategic skills as he was able to deduce the identity of the commander for the war elephant unit in Ka Rin Army. he is also capable to use field tactics such as Horse Cry Formation.



Rokuomi's wrath.jpg
Rokuomi's wrath
Rokumi faces Rin Bu Kun.png
Roku O Mi faces Rin Bu Kun
Roku O Mi Slays War Elephant Commander.PNG
Roku O Mi slays War Elephant Commander
Rokuomi and Kanou alive.PNG
Roku O Mi and Kan Ou returns to attack Ka Rin's Army
Chu Elephants.png
Roku O Mi confronted by War Elephants
Battle at Gecchi Plains Deployment Map.PNG
Roku O Mi's position during the Battle at Gecchi Plains.
Ran Bi Haku charges Sen To Un and Roku O Mi.jpg
Ran Bi Haku Still Attacking Roku O Mi.jpg
An annoyed Roku O Mi still being attacked by Ran Bi Haku.


Roku O Mi And Kai Shi Bou Quarrel anime S2.PNG
Roku O Mi quarrels with Kai Shi Bou


  • Rin Bu Kun once commented that Roku O Mi lacked a "sense of beauty" in his wafare style.
  • Roku O Mi would often get teased both by his late master and fellow comrades. One of many occasions was when Tou offered the death of Rin Bu Kun and drinks to his fallen comrades, including Roku O Mi who has been regarded as 'Ghost' despite being alive.


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