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Weapon Info
Name Rindou
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Rin Ko
Rin Ko was able to penetrate even the famous Ou Ki's defensive formations with the use of a strange tactic known as the Rindou.

Mou Gou telling his army commanders about Rindou.

The Rindou is a tactical formation used to effectively break through to an enemy's center. It relies on the movement of cavalry troops in two separate circles to draw enemy troops to the sides, so the center is left vulnerable to attack. It is named for its spiral motion on the battlefield in terms of troop movements when using the move. The only known user of this formation in the series is Rin Ko as it was his own personally created tactic.


The formation is first seen in the sixth day of Battle at Sanyou between the forces of the Wei general Rin Ko and Qin generals Ei Bi and Do Mon when both armies fought on the Rui Plains. It has been used by the former Zhao general in his previous battles against Great General Ou Ki, the ‘’Monstrous Bird’’ and his armies.


The formation has been seen performed by cavalry troops as they whip up a dust storm, riding in circles as two separate units. The two circles slowly move forward, chipping away at any enemies caught on the edges. It appears to be attacking the left and right flanks of the enemy but, the circular motion drives enemy forces to the sides thus weakening the center. This is followed by the troops in both circles converging on the weakened center thereby breaking through their front lines to reach an intended target which is usually an enemy general.


Its strength is in its versatility, break-through power, and ability to fool the enemy into making the wrong moves as most generals would defend the two sides, not knowing that they are drawing from the center troops to do so. Visually, it can confuse troops as the target is not seen until it is too late to defend and since generals are surrounded by their troops, sighting them as a target is easy for any user of this move.


The weakness is that there must be a stable target and properly trained cavalry. If enemy general changes position constantly, the Rindou cannot effectively kill them in one swoop. Keeping the riders in sync is another issue as the Wei troops were struggling with maintaining the motion, some of them falling if they could not keep up and being trampled by the horses.



How Rindou works.PNG
Rindou's circular motion pushes the forces to the sides.
Rindou in action.png
Rindou's wedge formation advances through the weakened center region.


Rindou's Circular Motion anime S2.PNG
Rindou's circular motion pushes the forces to the sides.
Rindou Circular Motion's Destructive Power anime S2.PNG
Rindou's circular motion smashes through the Qin forces.
Rindou Wedge Formation Advances Through The Weakened Center Region anime S2.PNG
Rindou's wedge formation advances through the weakened center region.