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Rin Shou Jo Army
Rin Shou Jou Army.png
Group Information
Status Active
Founder Rin Shou Jo
Leader Rin Shou Jo
State Zhao
Location Shukai Plains, Zhao
Professional Information
Affiliates Zhao Military
Goal(s) Stop the Qin Invasion at Shukai Plains
Prominent Personnels
Great General(s) Rin Shou Jo
General(s) Gyou’un
Chou Ga Ryuu
Strategist(s) Rin Shou Jo
Manga Debut Chapter 538

The Rin Shou Jo Army was an army led by Great General Rin Shou Jo of Zhao. The army was disbanded after it's leaders' death.


In the past, the army was fighting against Qin’s Six Great Generals together with Ren Pa and Chou Sha forces.

After Rin Shou Jo died, his eight deputies would follow suit in a series of suicidal battles dedicated to him. The only two generals that survived the era were Chou Ga Ryuu and Gyou’un.



Rin Shou Jo face.png
Rin Shou Jo
Great General
Three Great Heavens
Died due to illness


The Army contained Ten generals known as the Rin Family's Ten Heroes. Eight of them committed suicide as they throw themselves into impossible battlefields before the start of the series. The remaining two who were touted as the Sword and Shield of the Great General, Gyou'un and Chou Ga Ryuu later died defending their homeland during the Battle at Shukai Plains.

Gyou Un.png
"Rin Shou Jo's Sword"
Slain by Ou Hon
Chou Ga Ryuu portrait.PNG
Chou Ga Ryuu
"Rin Shou Jo's Shield"
Slain by Shin
8 of the 10 RinShouJou’s Generals .jpeg
8 of the "Rin Family's Ten Heroes


Jo Shou right.png
Jo Shou
Chou Ga Ryuu Army
Dojaku Right Captain
Slain by Kyou Kai
Jo Rin left.png
Jo Rin
Chou Ga Ryuu Army
Dojaku Left Captain
Slain by Shin
Gen ro.png
Gen Ro
Gyou’un Army
Chou Bu.png
Chou Bu
Gyou’un Army
Juu Ha.png
Juu Ha
Gyou’un Army
Shin Riku.png
Shin Riku †
Gyou’un Army
Heavy Cavalry Commander
Seki kou.png
Seki Kou †
Gyou’un Army
Slain by Kyo Gai Unit
No image.PNG
Kou Zen †
Gyou’un Army
Slain by Hi Shin Unit
No image.PNG
An Ki †
Chou Ga Ryuu Army
Slain by Hi Shin Unit




GyouUn Army.jpeg
Gyou’un Army
10,000 Soldiers
Chou Ga Ryuu Army portrait.PNG
Chou Ga Ryuu Army
10,000 Soldiers


2000-man Elite Unit
Gyou’un Army
Dojaku Unit Portrait.jpg
Elite Unit
Chou Ga Ryuu Army
No image.PNG
Ron Unit
Infantry Unit
Gyou’un Army
No image.PNG
Ei Unit
Cavalry Unit
Gyou’un Army
Seki kou unit.png
Seki Kou Unit
Gyou’un Army
No image.PNG
Shou Kou Unit
Gyou’un Army
No image.PNG
Ryuu Shin Unit
wiped out by Na Ki Clan
Gyou’un Army
Taiseki Unit.png
Tai Seki Unit
Gyou’un Army


The Ten Spears.jpg
Ten Spears
Elite 10-man Squad
Rai'un Unit


Rin Shou Jou Flag.jpeg
Great Heaven Flag
Gyouun flags.jpg
Gyou'un Army flags