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Riku Sen
Chinese Lu Xian
Kanji リクセン
Romaji Rikku Sen
Real Name Riku Sen
Epithet Right Hand of the Gaku Ka
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age Mid 20s
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
State Qin
Location With the Gaku Ka Army
Professional Information
Classification Commander


Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military

Gaku Ka Army

Military Rank Lieutenant
Equipment Spear
Manga Debut Chapter 183
Anime Debut Episode 43

Riku Sen is a lieutenant in the Gaku Ka Army.


He is clean-shaven and wears heavy armor along with a crested helmet.


A cool-headed soldier, he is nevertheless annoyed by Ko Zen’s excessive worrying over their leader, Mou Ten. In addition, his diffident attitude and lack of ambition frustrated Ko Zen to no end. On the other hand, he does take his duty to watch over his commander seriously. Despite being praised as a spear wielder with skills that would give Ou Hon a run for his money, he himself is humble enough to insist Ou Hon's spearmanship is on a completely different level.


After joining the Gaku Ka Unit, Riku Sen's achievements in the battlefield over the years earned him the rank of lieutenant in Mou Ten's independent unit.


Sanyou Aftermath Arc []

After the Sanyou Campaign, he leads some unit members to push the Wei back into the mountains. Upon his return, Rikusen informed Mou Ten that the Hi Shin Unit had been on a losing streak in their recent battles. Telling Mou Ten of the Hi Shin unit's failure at Bijin Bridge, both he and Mou Ten were shocked to see Mou Ki who should have been on route to meet Shin.

Coalition Invasion Arc []

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass Mou Ten used him as a distraction in the skirmish with Haku Rei.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]


Strength 85
Leadership 86
Intelligence 85
Experience B
A Hidden Talent

Strength 84
Leadership 85
Intelligence 85
Experience C
A Hidden Talent

As the lieutenant of Gaku Ka Army, Riku Sen is a capable and talented military commander. He is noted to be a reliable commander and is confident enough to take part in reckless missions on battlefields.

Physical Abilities[]

Riku Sen possesses amazing skills in wielding a spear with Ko Zen claiming he'd be a worthy challenge for Ou Hon, a talented spear master.


Being a lieutenant, Riku Sen have a strong leadership skill and is strong enough to be entrusted with leading a squad in the Gaku Ka unit.

Tactical Abilities[]

Riku Sen have a considerable tactical skill as he and Mou Ten formulate battle plans together during the Battle of Shukai Plains.


Riku Sen Unit.jpg
Riku Sen Slays Kou Kaku.
Ba Tei power.png
Riku Sen witnessing Ba Tei's Power as he kills Gaku Ka Cavalry.

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