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Protype Shin.png
Shin as he appeared in the Kingdom Highlights One-Shot.
Chapter 1 cover.png
Shin as a Great General as seen in a glimpse of the future.
Shin Meets Ei Sei.PNG
Shin meets Ei Sei.
Chapter 5 cover.png
Shin Punches Ei Sei.PNG
Shin punches Ei Sei.
Sei carries Shin.jpg
Shin Eating Breakfeast (Gross, dude).jpg
Shin enjoying his breakfast.
Muta strikes Shin.PNG
Shin's Thugface.jpg
Shin glaring at Bajio.
Shin Punches Tajifu.PNG
Shin punches Ta Jifu.
Ei Sei Faction and Mountain Tribe Ride Together.jpg
Chapter 26 cover.png
Chapter 30 cover.png
Shin's first kill.PNG
Shin claming his first kill.
Shin Opens The Crimson Turtle Gate.PNG
Shin opens the Crimson Turtle Gate.
Chapter 35 cover.png
Chapter 36 cover.png
Shin destroys the Sa Ji Unit.png
Shin vs Sa Ji.png
Shin dueling Sa Ji.
Shin Carries The Dying Mountain Dweller.PNG
Shin carrying the dying mountain dweller.
Chapter 38 cover.png
Chapter 42 cover.png
Shin stabbing Rankai's shoulder.
Chapter 40 cover.png
Shin's House.PNG
Shin's house.

Shin's First Campaign!!.png
Shin raiding the wave of his first campaign.
Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting.PNG
Kyou Kai and Shin's first meeting
Shin Shove His Sword In Front Of Kyou Ji's Face.PNG
Shin shoves his sword in front of Kyou Ji's face.
Shin Jumps Over Towards The Wei Soldiers.PNG
Shin jumps over towards the Wei soldiers.
Shin's Swordmanship vs Wei Soldiers!!.png
Shin Opens A Path.PNG
Shin opens a path.
Chapter 55 cover.PNG
Shin Saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou And Bi Hei From Charging The War Chariot.PNG
Shin saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou and Bi Hei from charging the war chariot
Shin Decapitates A Wei Chariot Commander.PNG
Shin decapitates a Wei Chariot Commander.
Shin Covers Baku Koshin.PNG
Shin covers Baku Koshin
Kou Rigen's death.jpg
Shin slays Kou Rigen
Chapter 64 Cover.PNG
Ou Ki Meets Shin.PNG
Shin meets Great General Ou Ki!!
Ma Ki killed by Shin.PNG
Shin slays Ma Ki with his Hi Jump Slash.

Chapter 84 cover.PNG
Shin facing off against the Clan Kensen assassins.
Chapter 86 cover.PNG
Shin and Ten reuniting with Sei.
Chapter 88 cover.PNG
Chapter 89 cover.PNG

Chapter 104 Cover.png
Shin sweats nervously as he sees Kyou Kai take off her headband.
Chapter 105 Cover.png
Shin meeting Tou.
Chapter 107 Cover.PNG
Shin Leads The Nanba Tribe.PNG
Shin leads the Nanba Tribe.
Shin and En-san's Nanba Uniform.png
Shin and En wearing the clothes of the Nanba Tribe during their time with them.

Chapter 111 cover.PNG
Chapter 113 cover.png
Chapter 115 Cover.png
Chapter 118 cover.PNG
Chapter 126 cover.PNG
Chapter 129 cover.PNG
Shin slays Fuu Ki.jpg
Shin kills Fuu Ki.
Chapter 130 cover.PNG
Shin cheering in his victory of calming Fuu Ki's head.
Chapter 135 cover.PNG
Chapter 136 cover.PNG
Chapter 140 cover.PNG
Chapter 146 cover.PNG
Shin wounds and draws blood from Hou Ken as he cuts the Bushin and Great General.
Hi Shin Unit Retreats.jpg
The Hi Shin Unit retreating from Hou Ken and the Man Goku Army.
Chapter 147 cover.PNG
Chapter 148 cover.PNG
Shin slays Gi Ka.PNG
Shin slays Gi Ka splitting him apart in his rage.
Shin Rides Ou with Ou Ki.PNG
Shin and General Ou Ki trying to escape the Ri Boku Army's death trap.
Shin inherits Ouki's glaive.PNG
Shin receives Ou Ki's glaive.

Chapter 178 cover.PNG
Shin attending the alliance banquet.
Chapter 181 cover.PNG
Shin and the Hi Shin Unit meeting Ou Hon and his unit.

Chapter 190 cover.PNG
Chapter 193 cover.PNG
Chapter 224 cover.PNG
Shin Sent Rin Ko Flying.PNG
Shin having his third and final duel with Rin Ko.
Shin stabs Rinko.png
Shin kills Rin Ko.
Shin catches Kyou Kai.png
Shin catches Kyou Kai before she falls.
Hi Shin's Farewell to Kyou Kai.PNG
Shin and Hi Shin members give their farewells to a departing Kyou Kai.
Sanyou Campaign's Reward Ceremony.png
Shin present at the Reward Ceremony.
Chapter 244 cover.PNG

Mou Ten's Take this Seriously.png
Shin being scolded by Mou Ten for his losing streak.
Chapter 246 cover.PNG
Ten revels her Gender.jpg
Shin checks Ten's credentials.jpg
Shin checking Ten's "credentials".
Chapter 257 cover.png
Shin kills Ga Gyuu.png
Shin slaying Ga Gyuu.
Hi Sui jumping.png
Hi Sui jumping towards Shin.
Kou Yoku taunts the Hi Shin Unit.PNG
An angry Shin being held back by En and Ten from attacking Kou Yoku as he mocks them.
Shin attempting to kill Kou Yoku with his Hi Jump Slash.
Chapter 260 cover.png
Ri Boku Vs Shin.PNG
Shin strikes Ri Boku

Chapter 270 cover.PNG
Shin Arrives to Save the Duke Hyou Army!.png
Shin leading the Hi Shin Unit against the Man Goku Army during the 1sday of the Coalition's Invasion.
The Hi Shin Unit to the Rescue!!.png
Chapter 275 cover.PNG
Shin Rallys the Duke Hyou Army.png
Chapter 285 cover.png
Chapter 288 cover.png
Chapter 325 cover.PNG
Sai and Shin battle of Sai.PNG
Shin with Sei just before the Battle of Sai
Shin Saves Ei Sei From Death.PNG
Shin saves Sei.
Shin slashing zhao soldiers.png
Shin slashing Zhao soldiers around Ei Sei
Shin Catches Ei Sei.PNG
Shin catches Sei before he falls.
Chapter 342 cover.PNG
Hi Shin Unit annihilates the Zhao.PNG
Shin Touches Ka Ryo Ten's Ass.PNG
Shin teasing Ten in an attempt to cheer her up.
Shin vs Houken.png
Shin vs. Hou Ken
Shun (Horse) portrait.png
Shin riding his warhorse Shun.
Shin Strikes Hou Ken's Face.PNG
Shin strikes Hou Ken's face.
Shin Receives Ei Sei's Reward.PNG
Shin receives Ei Sei's reward

Kyou Kai's Vision of Hi Shin Unit.jpg
Shin appearing in Kyou Kai's vision.

Chapter 373 Cover.PNG
Chapter 375 cover.PNG
Shin Jumps In To Ryo Fui's Front.PNG
Shin jumps into Ryo Fui's front.

Shin's Reminiscences of Ka Ryo Ten.PNG
Shin's reminiscences of Ten.
Gai Mou charges Shin.jpg
Shin vs Gai Mou.
Shin kills Rei Ou in front of Go Hou Mei.jpg
Shin slaying Rei Ou.
Shin & Ou Hon promoted to 5000-Man Commander.png
Both Shin & Ou Hon being promoted to the rank of 5000-Man Commander.

Chapter 402 cover.PNG
Chapter 416 Cover.png
Shin creates a Beach head.png
Shin creates a beach head.
Chapter 425 cover.png
Shin Saves You.PNG
Shin saves the gutsy palace girl, You.
Chapter 429 cover.png
Shin Severs Han Roki's Arm.PNG
Shin cuts off Han Roki's arm.
Shin Punches Han Roki.PNG
Shin punches Han Roki in the face.
Shin Carries Rei.PNG
Shin carries and holds Rei.
Chapter 433 cover.PNG

Chapter 438 cover.PNG
Shin vs Ba Tei.PNG
Shin engaging Ba Tei in a duel.
Shin and the Hi Shin Unit arrives.jpg
Shin and the Hi Shin Unit confront Kei Sha and his personal unit.
Shin vs Kei Sha!.jpg
Shin getting ready to duel and fight Kei Sha.
Chapter 472 cover.PNG
Shin being overpowered by Kei Sha's strike during their exchange.
Shin Slays Kei Sha.PNG
Shin slays Kei Sha, the man closet to the final seat of the Three Great Heavens.
Shin Saves Kyou Kai From Kei Sha's Men.PNG
Shin rescues Kyou Kai from the wraith of Kei Sha's elites.
Shin, Den Yuu and Kyo Gai taken hostage.jpg
Shin getting taken hostage by Rai Do and his soldiers.
Mou Ten congrats Shin.png
File:Shin contemplates Marraige.png

Shin Wields Ou Ki's Glaive.PNG
Shin wields Ou Ki's Glaive for the first time since the Monstrous Bird's death.
Shin slays Rai Ka.png
Shin slaying Rai Ka.
Shin and Ou Hon Fight Together.jpg
Shin and Ou Hon fighting alongside each other against the Rai'un Unit.
GakuEi Death.png
Shin slays Gaku Ei
Jo Rin's Demise 2.png
Shin slays Jo Rin.
Hi Shin Unit's destroys the Dojaku.jpg
An exhausted Shin and the Hi Shin Unit after destroying the Dojaku Unit.
Shou Sa's Death.png
Shin thanks and holds Shou Sa as he passes away from his wounds during the Battle at Shukai Plains.
Chou Ga Ryuu 05.png
Shin slays Chou Ga Ryuu.
Chou Ga Ryuu 06.png
Shin slays Chou Ga Ryuu from another angle.
Hou Ken vs Shin - Shukai Plains.png
Enraged at the sight of Ou Ki's Glaive, Hou Ken starts his fourth and final duel with Shin, on the 15th day of the Battle at Shukai Plains.
Hou Ken VS Shin 001.png
During their final showdown, Shin was overpowered multiple times.
Hou Ken VS Shin 002.png
Hou Ken and Shin are finally evenly matched.
Hou Ken VS Shin 003.png
Shin recovers from a near fatal blow and strikes Hou Ken.
Shin - A Strength Diametrically Opposed to the Bushin.png
Shin persisted to honor the legacies of allies and opponents alike.
Hou Ken VS Shin 004.png
Hou Ken's final moments.
Hou Ken VS Shin 005.png
Shin cleaving Hou Ken in twain during the climax of their duel.
Shin Rises.jpg
Chapter 636 cover.PNG

General Ri Shin Climbs the Cliff.jpg

Ri Shin kills Ryuu Fu.png
Shin reluctantly kills Ryuu Fu in order to save Kan Ki and his soldiers.
Chapter 720 cover.PNG
Shin dueling Jyou Ka Ryuu after the Zhao general kills Gaku Rai.
Shin cuts down Jyou Ka Ryuu.jpg
Shin cutting down and injuring Jyou Ka Ryuu.

Chapters Covers[]


Shin in Armor.jpg
Shin in one of the earliest depiction of him wearing armor.
V3's Shin Art.jpg
Shin of the HiShin Unit.jpg
Ri Shin standing proudly with his King's Sword.
Shin vs Muta.jpg
Shin bleeding during his duel against the assassin, Muta.
Yasuhisa Hara's Shin, Sei, Ten Shikishi Board.jpg
Hi Shin Unit colored gallery.PNG
Hi Shin Unit Colored Artwork.jpg
Yasuhisa Hara's Shin Shikishi Board.jpg
Shin and Kyou Kai.jpg
Shin and Kyou Kai ready themselves for battle.
The Qin Three.jpg
Shin with Ou Hon and Mou Ten as The Qin Three.
Hara-sensei's Watercolored Ri Hyou and Ri Shin.jpg
Painting for the cover of Young Jump #26 (2021).
Key visual art for the Shin Exhibition.png
Key visual art for the Shin Exhibition.
Great General Ri Shin's new re-designed for the Shin Exhibition.
Kingdom Exhibition -Shin- illustration Future and Past's Dreams.png
Kingdom Exhibition -Shin- illustration Piece.jpg

Colored Pages[]

Kingdom v35's Colored Page.jpg
Kingdom v36's Colored Page.jpg
V65 Color Page.jpg

Other Mangaka/Artists[]

Eiichiro Oda's Ri Shin Kingdom.jpg
Shin drawn by Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of One Piece.
Masashi Kishimoto's Ri Shin Kingdom.jpg
Shin drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, mangaka of Naruto & creator of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation.
MATSUBARA Toshimitsu's Ri Shin.jpg
Shin drawn by Matsubara Toshimitsu, mangaka of Rikudou.
Masakazu Morita's Ri Shin (Awesome, Simply awesome) Kingdom.jpg
Shin drawn by Masakazu Morita, his Japanese seiyuu/voice actor.
Yuki Suetsugu's Shin and Ei Sei.jpg
Shin and Sei drawn by Yuki Suetsugu, the mangaka of Chihayafuru.
Ou Ki and Shin by Yutaka Kondo.jpg
Shin and General Ou Ki drawn by Yutaka Kondo.
Ryohei Yamashita's Artwork - Shin.jpg
Shin by Ryohei Yamashita.


Kingdom Guidebook 2 -Hado Reiki 2019.jpg
Shin on the cover of Kingdom Guidebook 2: Hado Reiki.
Kingdom Guidebook 3 - Sengoku Nanao Jinroku.jpg
Shin on the cover of Kingdom Guidebook 3: Sengoku Nanao Jinroku.
V1's Afterpage.jpg
Kingdom v05 Extra.jpg
Kingdom v05 Extra2.jpg
Illustration for the Kumamoto earthquake victims.jpg
Yasuhisa Hara's illustration for the Kumamoto earthquake victims.
Yasuhisa Hara's Shin Tamashii no Summer Collection 2014.jpg
Morita Masakazu cosplaying as Shin.jpg
Shin's Japanese VA Morita Masakazu cosplaying as him in Taiwan! during Cosplay World in Japan.


Young Shin And Hyou's Bout.PNG
Young Shin and Hyou's bout.
Young Shin anime S1.PNG
Young Shin
Young Shin Punches Young Bi Hei anime S1.PNG
Young Shin punches Bi Hei
Young Shin Punches Young Bi Tou anime S1.PNG
Young Shin punches Bi Tou
Shin Design anime S1.PNG
Shin's character design anime S1
Shin Character Design Anime S1.PNG
Shin's character design anime S1
Kingdom episode 1.jpg
Shin and Hyou
Hyou's Death anime S1.PNG
Shin witnesses Hyou's death
Shin Crying anime S1.PNG
Shin mourns over Hyou's death
Hyou's Death ED5.PNG
Shin embraces Hyou on his death
Shin Defeats The Kokuhi Villagers.PNG
Shin defeats the Kokuhi villagers
Shin And Ei Sei's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Shin meets Ei
Ei sei+shin fight.png
Shin punches Ei Sei
Shin eating.png
Shin's voracious appetite
Entering the palace.png
Shin opens the Crimson Turtle Gate
Injured shin.png
Shin striked by Sa Ji
Shin Cuts Down Sa Ji anime S1.PNG
Shin cuts down Sa Ji
Shin Carries The Dying Mountain Dweller anime S1.PNG
Shin carries the dying mountain dweller
Shin's Vision Seeing Jo Kan's Death anime S1.PNG
Shin being carried by Hyou as seeing Jo Kan's death on his dream
Shin Stabs Rankai anime S1.PNG
Shin stabs Rankai
Shin's house.png
Shin's house
Shin Departs For His First Campaign anime S1.PNG
Shin departs for his first campaign
Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Shin meets Kyou Kai
Episode-17 portrait.PNG
Shin's first campaign
Shin Jumps Over Towards The Wei Soldiers anime S1.PNG
Shin jumps over towards the Wei soldiers
Shin Opens A Path anime S1.PNG
Shin opens a path
Shin Saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou And Bi Hei From Charging The War Chariot anime S1.PNG
Shin saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou and Bi Hei from charging the war chariot
Shin Slays A Wei Chariot Commander anime S1.PNG
Shin slays a Wei Chariot Commander
Shin Covers Baku Koshin anime S1.PNG
Shin covers Baku Koshin
Shin Slays Kou Rigen anime S1.PNG
Shin slays Kou Rigen
Shin And Ou Ki's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Shin and Ou Ki's first meeting
Shin Gazes Upon The Sunset anime S1.PNG
Shin gazes upon the sunset
Shin And Kyou Kai Sleeps Together anime S1.PNG
Shin and Kyou Kai sleeps together

Shin's House's View At Night anime S1.PNG
Shin's house's view at night
Shin Departs From His House anime S1.PNG
Shin departs for Ou Ki's castle
Ou Ki's Castle anime S1.PNG
Shin arrives at Ou Ki's castle
Shin And Tou's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Shin meets Tou
Ou Ki's Castle's Interior anime S1.PNG
Shin gazes upon Ou Ki's Castle's interior
Shin, En And Ou Ki Takes A Bath With Ou Ki's Men anime S1.PNG
Shin takes a bath with En, Ouki and Ou Ki's men
Ou Ki Kicks Shin Off The Cliff anime S1.PNG
Shin kicked by Ou Ki off the cliff
Nanba Tribe Protects Their Land anime S1.PNG
Shin witnesses the battle between two tribes
Shin Protects Kou From The Nanba Tribe anime S1.PNG
Shin saves Kou from the Nanba Tribe
Shin Leads The Nanba Tribe anime S1.PNG
Shin leads the Nanba Tribe
Shin Raises His Fist Towards The Sun anime S1.PNG
Shin raises his fist towards the sun
Shin Subjugates The Stateless Region anime S1.PNG
Shin and En subjugate the stateless region
Shin And En Departs For Bayou anime S1.PNG
Shin and En depart for Bayou
Shin Slays Fuu Ki anime S1.PNG
Shin slays Fuu Ki
Shin And Hou Ken's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Shin meets Hou Ken
Shin Cuts Down Hou Ken anime S1.PNG
Shin cuts down Hou Ken
Hou Ken Strikes Shin With The Back Of His Glaive anime S1.PNG
Shin being strike by the back of Hou Ken's glaive.
Shin Loses Consciousness anime S1.PNG
Shin loses consciousness.
Taku Kei, Bi Hei And Bi Tou Save Shin From Hou Ken's Strike anime S1.PNG
Shin saved by Taku Kei, Bi Hei and Bi Tou from Hou Ken's strike.
Episode 32 portrait.PNG
Shin being carried by Bi Tou
Bi Tou And Shin Lies Down Under The Light Of The Moon anime S1.PNG
Shin and Bi Tou lie down under the light of the moon
Shin Mourns Over Bi Tou's Death anime S1.PNG
Shin mourns over Bi Tou's death
Shin Carries Bi Tou's Corpse anime S1.PNG
Shin carries Bi Tou's corpse
Kyou Kai And Shin Gazes Upon The Mountain Ranges anime S1.PNG
Shin and Kyou Kai gaze upon the mountain ranges
Shin Slays Gi Ka anime S1.PNG
Shin slays Gi Ka
Shin Cries anime S1.PNG
Shin cries
Shin Cries As He Watches Ou Ki Struggle anime S1.PNG
Shin cries as he watches Ou Ki struggle
Shin Rides Ou With Ou Ki anime S1.PNG
Shin rides Ou with Ou Ki
Shin Perceives The General's View anime S1.PNG
Shin perceives the General's view
Shin Inherits Ou Ki's Glaive anime S1.PNG
Shin inherits Ou Ki's Glaive
Shin Mourns Over Ou Ki's Death anime S1.PNG
Shin mourns over Ou Ki's death
Shin Returns Home After The Battle Of Bayou anime S1.PNG
Shin returns home after the battle of Bayou

Shin AS2.png
Shin in anime S2
Shin And Kyou Kai Disguise As Palace Guards anime S2.PNG
Shin and Kyou Kai disguise as palace guards
Shin Sleeps On Kyou Kai's Shoulders anime S2.PNG
Shin sleeps on Kyou Kai's shoulder
Shin Slays Gou Tan anime S2.PNG
Shin slays Gou Tan
Ou Hon Strikes Shin With A Reverse Thrust anime S2.PNG
Shin striked with a reverse thrust by Ou Hon
Shin Gazes At The Stars anime S2.PNG
Shin gazes at the stars
Shin And Mou Ten's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
Shin meets Mou Ten
Shin Challenges Kyou Kai Without Realizing That He Is Naked anime S2.PNG
Shin challenges Kyou Kai without realizing that he is naked
Kyou Kai Points Her Sword Onto Shin's Neck anime S2.PNG
Shin's neck pointed with a sword by Kyou Kai
Shin Gazes Onto The Moon As He Takes A Bath anime S2.PNG
Shin gazes onto the moon as he takes a bath.
Shin Cuts Down Ran Dou anime S2.PNG
Shit cuts down Ran Dou
Kaku Bi And Shin's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
Shin meets Kaku Bi
Rin Ko Hauls Shin anime S2.PNG
Shin hauled by Rin Ko
Shin And Rin Ko Confront anime S2.PNG
Shin confronts Rin Ko
Episode 53 portrait.PNG
Shin gives off the air of a General
Shin Steps On Mou Gou's Face anime S2.PNG
Shin steps on Mou Gou's face
Shin And Mou Gou Chat While Waiting For Supper anime S2.PNG
Shin chats with Mou Gou while waiting for supper
Mou Gou Promotes Shin To 1000-Man Commander anime S2.PNG
Shin promoted to 1000-Man Commander by Mou Gou
Shin Beats Ryuu Sen In An Arm Wrestling anime S2.PNG
Shin beats Ryuu Sen in an arm wrestling
Shin Sent Flying anime S2.PNG
Shin sent flying after his horse got impaled with a picket trap
Shin Throws A Spear Towards Gen Bou anime S2.PNG
Shin throws a spear towards Gen Pou
Shin Nearly Impales Gen Bou With A Spear anime S2.PNG
Shin nearly spearing Gen Pou.
Shin And Ou Hon Confront Rin Ko anime S2.PNG
Shin and Ou Hon confront Rin Ko.

Shin Starts To Lose Consciousness anime S2.PNG
Shin starts to lose consciousness
Shin Overcomes His Limits anime S2.GIF
Shin overcomes his limits
Episode 62 portrait.PNG
Shin strikes Rin Ko as he overcomes his limits
Shin's Aura As He Overcomed His Limits anime S2.PNG
Shin's aura as he overcomes his limits.
Episode 65 portrait.PNG
Shin confronts Rin Ko
Rin Ko Stabs Shin's Leg anime S2.PNG
Shin's leg stabbed by Rin Ko
Rin Ko And Shin Fell Off The Horse anime S2.PNG
Shin fells down as he drags Rin Ko with him
Shin Cuts Down Rin Ko anime S2.PNG
Shin cuts down Rin Ko
Shin Slays Rin Ko anime S2.PNG
Shin slays Rin Ko
Rin Ko's Death anime S2.PNG
Shin embraces Rin Ko upon his death
Anime Kingdom Episode 68 portrait.png
Shin embraces Kyou Kai onto his arms
Shin Meets Ren Pa anime S2.PNG
Shin meets Ren Pa
Ren Pa Confronts Shin anime S2.PNG
Shin confronted by Ren Pa
Ren Pa Strikes Shin anime S2.GIF
Shin receives Ren Pa's strike
Shin Saves Mou Ten From Kai Shi Bou's Strike anime S2.PNG
Shin saves Mou Ten from Kai Shi Bou's strike.
Shin Falls Into The Pithole anime S2.PNG
Shin falls into a pothole
Ka Ryo Ten Embarrassed As Shin Holds Her Hand anime S2.PNG
Shin holds Ten's hand making her embarrassed.
Shin Hugs Ka Ryo Ten During His Sleep anime S2.PNG
Shin groping Ten during his drunk sleep.
Shuu Cries As He Begs For Shin's Help anime S2.PNG
Shin beg by Shuu for his help as he cries
Shu Rides Shin's Horse With Shin anime S2.PNG
Shin rides with Shuu as Shuu leads the way
Jo's First Meeting With Shin And Kyou Kai anime S2.PNG
Shin meets Jo Elder
Jo Elder Gives Shin A Map Of Jo's Region anime S2.PNG
Shin receives a map of the State of Jo's region by Jo Elder
Shin Versus Ri Boku anime S2.PNG
Shin exchanging strike with Ri Boku during their dueling bout.

Other Media[]

Weekly Young Jump No.06-07 (2011).jpg
Shin on the cover of YJ#06-07 (2011)
Weekly Young Jump No.27 (2011).jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#27 (2011)
Weekly Young Jump 2012 27.jpg
Shin and Sei on the cover of YJ#27 (2012)
Weekly Young Jump No.18 2013.jpg
Shin and Ten on the cover of YJ#18 (2013)
Weekly Young Jump No.24 2013.jpg
Shin on the cover of YJ#24 (2014)
Weekly Young Jump 3 2014.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#3 (2014)
Weekly Young Jump 8 2014.png
Shin on the cover of YJ#8 (2014)
Weekly Young Jump 24 2014.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#24 (2014) 35th anniversary cover of Young Jump.
Weekly Young Jump No.39 2014.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#39 (2014)
Weekly Young Jump 3 2015.jpg
Shin and Kyou Kai on the cover of YJ#3 (2015)
Weekly Young Jump 9 2016.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#9 (2016)
Weekly Young Jump 3-4 2017.jpg
Shin with Ou Hon and Mou Ten on the cover of YJ#3-4 (2017)
Weekly Young Jump No.07 (2018).jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#7 (2018)
Weekly Young Jump 20 2018.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#20 (2018)
Weekly Young Jump 21-22 2019.jpg
Shin on the cover of YJ#21-22 (2019)
Weekly Young Jump 2020 issue 16 cover.jpg
Shin featured on the cover of YJ#16 (2020)
Weekly Young Jump v27 2020.jpg
Shin on the cover of YJ#27 (2020)
Weekly Young Jump 28 2021.jpg
Shin and Hyou on the cover of YJ#28 (2021)

Kingdom Season 3 Original Soundtrack Cover.jpg
Shin on the cover of Season 3 Original Soundtrack.
Destiny Sky (TV Version) portrait.PNG
Shin in the Destiny Sky/TV Version ending.
Never Ending (TV Version) portrait.PNG
Shin and Hyou in the ending of Never Ending/TV Version.
21 (TV Version) portrait.PNG
Shin in the 21/TV Version ending.

Ikkitousen No Tsurugi portrait.png

Kingdomキングダム Seven Flags Characters Cover.jpg

キングダムDASH! portrait.png