Ri Hyou's Sword, the King's Sword.

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Ri Hyou's Sword (jap.); Li Piao's Sword (chin.)
Weapon Info
Name Ri Hyou's Sword, the King's Sword.
Type Sword
Owner Ri Hyou (Former)
Ri Shin
Used by Ri Shin
I've only got one more swing left in me...but that's all I need. I'm not using a wooden sword anymore. This is...The King's Sword I inherited from Hyou.

—Ri Shin's thoughts during his final duel with Sa Ji.

Ri Hyou's sword is a weapon used by Ri Hyou and later passed down to Ri Shin.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This sword was given to Ri Hyou when he was disguised as the king, as it is a well-crafted weapon, worthy of royalty. As Hyou was dying, he passed his sword to his close friend, Ri Shin, with the plea to finish his mission.

Since then, Ri Shin has been using this sword in both battles and training and it has become his trademark weapon. It has followed him into every battle (except his training in the Stateless Area).

As he climbed the ranks and became a 4000-Man Commander, Ri Shin has started to use a glaive, however, he still keeps the sword on his back wherever he goes and uses it occasionally.

Sharpness[edit | edit source]

The sword possesses incredible sharpness as the blade has cut clean through a grown man's shoulder blade, multiple armored soldiers, and an adult man's entire torse like paper.

Durability[edit | edit source]

Possessing powerful durability, the sword is able to withstand arrows fired by members of the Ten Bows and a serious attack from Ren Pa, who had just defeated general Mou Gou and killed over a thousand Qin soldiers with his glaive without so much as a scratch. 

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  • It's theorized and speculated among fans that Ri Hyou's Sword is possibly Kanshou, the legendary Five Treasured Sword that was forged by the famous swordsmith couple, Kanshou (Gan Jiang) and his wife Bakuya (Mo Ye).
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