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Ri Hyou
Chinese Li Piao


Kanji 李漂

Romaji Ri Hyou
Biographical Information
Deceased (Blood Loss)
Marital Status Single
Age 15
Gender Male
Eyes Light Brown
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Relatives Unnamed mother & father (deceased)

Ri Shin (adoptive brother)

State Qin
Residence Jouto Village (Former)
Kanyou City
Location Jouto Village (Death Place)
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Body Double

Servant (formerly)

Occupation Body Double

Member of the Ei Sei Faction
Servant (formerly)

Affiliates Ei Sei Faction
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Jun Fukuyama
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Shin, our physical strength and the strength of our hearts are the same. The two of us are one. If you take flight to the heights of the Heavens, then I'll be there with you. Shin, take me to those heights, please!

—Hyou's last words to Shin.

Ri Hyou, formerly known just as Hyou, was a war orphan, who lived along with Shin in the house of the head of the Joutou Village, the man who took them when they did not have a home after losing their families.


Hyou greatly resembled the current king of Qin, Ei Sei.

He had brown eyes and dark hair, usually wore a ragged robe just like Shin's and always carried around a wooden sword. During his service at the palace, he was dressed up like royalty in order to serve as the king's double.


Hyou was much more level-headed than his best friend. He was a very kind and openhearted person, often seen with a smile on his face. Despite his easy-going character, he was very determined and knew what he needed to accomplish in order to fulfill his dream. When called to serve as the king's double, he was delighted to accept the task, showing a great sense of courage and responsibility. He was liked and admired by the people who knew him and his personality shined as an example for Shin.


Not much is known of Hyou's real family or past. When he lost his parents in the war, he was taken in by the head of the Joutou village. There, he grew up as a servant together with his best friend and fellow orphan, Shin. When Shin first arrived at the village head's home, Hyou befriended him and shared his dream of becoming the greatest general under the heavens.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc[]

At the beginning of the story, Shin and Hyou were seen sparring against each other, in order to get stronger and achieve their life dream of becoming great generals. One day a wealthy-looking man, Shou Bun Kun, appeared in front of them and showed interest in meeting the two boys. The same night, he visited the house their protector, the village head, and offered to take Hyou with him to leave in the royal palace and serve the king. Hyou felt honored by this proposal but was sad that Shin couldn't follow him. He asked for a day to think about his answer and, after discussing it with Shin, he decided to accept the offer.

Hyou's last words

Several months had passed, when one night, Hyou reappeared wounded at Shin's door. Shin rushed to help his friend but, Hyou told him it was already too late for him. He went on to explain that he was being chased by Sei Kyou's assassins, who would be probably arriving soon. With his dying breath, Hyou gave Shin a map and asked his friend to go to Kokuhi village in his place, saying that it was all up to him now. It was later explained that Hyou had been taken in the palace to be King Ei Sei's body double because their faces were uncannily similar. Hyou accepted the task gladly, was dressed as the king, and was transferred away from the Qin capital, working as a decoy. On the road, his convoy got attacked by general Ou Ki's army, but Hyou took control of some guards and managed to fight his way to a safe escape route. However, it wasn't long before Sei Kyou's assassins tracked him down and one of them, Jo Kan, ended up mortally injuring him. Hyou's funeral was held a few days after he died. It was huge and paid for by the village head. Apart from Shin, everyone in the village showed up to mourn him, and even some people from the neighboring village came, showing he was well-liked. Shin himself did not visit his grave, saying that he will do it only when he becomes a Great General and keeps his promise.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

During his time with Ei Sei, he was asked to get a last name for himself. He chose Ri, after the plum the King ate. So Shin, now Ri Shin, chose his last name to honor his friend.


Strength 78
Leadership 75
Intelligence 80
Experience E

Strength 78
Leadership 75
Intelligence 80
Experience E

Despite his young age, Hyou was rather strong and skilled with the sword, as proven by the results of his duels with Shin. He also had more self-evident abilities as a leader than Shin, as shown when he charged into the enemy reinforcements during Ou Ki's raid and inspired the king's troops, leading them in battle. Even after realizing his true identity, the soldiers were still captivated by his charisma and could never forget him and his sacrifice.

Apart from that, he had great cooking and cleaning skills, acquired during his time spent as a servant for the Joutou village head's family.


  • vs. Shin: 334 wins, 332 losses, and 587 draws.
  • vs. Jo Kan: lost


Hyou meets Shobunkun.PNG
Hyou meets Shou Bun Kun
Hyou accepts.PNG
Hyou gladly accepts to be Ei Sei's double
Hyou leading Qin soldiers.PNG
Hyou leads the Qin soldiers
Hyou's death

Ei Sei Design anime S1.PNG
Hyou's character design anime S1
Young Hyo anime S1.PNG
Young Hyou
Young Shin And Hyou's Bout.PNG
Young Hyou and Shin's duel
Hyou Reaches For The Sun anime S1.PNG
Hyou reaches for the sun
Hyo Shin duel.png
Hyou and Shin's clash
Shoubukun arrives.png
Hyou meets Shou Bun Kun
Kingdom episode 1.jpg
Hyou and Shin
Hyo fights.png
Hyou leads the Qin soldiers
Hyou's Death anime S1.PNG
Hyou's death
Hyou's Death ED5.PNG
Hyou embraced by Shin on his death


  • Hyou was usually responsible for most of the cooking for the Li Dian and his family.
  • Whenever Shin would suggest they use their swordsmanship for thievery, Hyou would scold him.
  • Hyou maybe was based on the real-life Li Xin's father, Li Yao. But unlike Ri Hyou here, Li Yao was a governor of Nanjun Commandery.

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