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Ri En
Ri En portrait.PNG
Chinese Li Yuan
Kanji 李园
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Mid 30s to Early 40s
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed younger sister
Unnamed nephew
State Chu
Professional Information
Affiliates Chu
Chu Government
Political Position Prime Minister
Manga Debut Chapter 440

Ri En is one of the two Prime Ministers of the state of Chu and he was the one who created the new system, "Double Prime Minister System" and offers to Ka Rin to take the second Prime Minister seat.


He has long black hair, a goatee, and a mustache.


Ri En's first appearance in front of Ren Pa and Ka Rin gave them the impression that he was a silent person. When dismissed by Ka Rin as a pencil pusher from the Chu Imperial Palace and a mouse that can only make empty threats, Ri En nonchalently reciprocated her disdain by mentioning his loathing for warmongering brutes. He also showed himself to be calm and pragmatic as he explained his reasoning behind why he had to assassinate his secret brother-in-law, Shun Shin Kun, and why he wished to parter with Ka Rin as a co-Prime Minister. While he did not particularly like Ka Rin, he knew that they both did not want Chu to become a victim of the other state's opportunism if Chu were to experience a succession crisis.


He created a new temporary "Double Prime Minister" system, stabilizing the Chu politics within a month, the Prime Ministers are him and Ka Rin


Koku You Campaign Arc[]

Ri En's sister was found to be pregnant with Shun Shin Kun's child. Ri En, Shun Shin Kun and the king planned to make this child the king's child so that the king's younger brother (whose deviant and erratic traits would bring the Chu to ruin if he ruled) will not become the new king in the future, even if that means putting someone without the royal bloodline on the throne.
However, just before the death of the king, Shun Shin Kun changed his mind and wanted to let the king's brother ascend the throne instead, and since it was too late to change their plans, as revealing the secret will result in death to all parties involved, including himself and his sister, he had to kill Shun Shin Kun, also both Shun Shin Kun and him sent assassins to kill each other, but only he survived.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]


Strength 70
Leadership 88
Intelligence 96
Experience A
Gap with the history book: 99

Strength 70
Leadership 88
Intelligence 95
Experience A
Gap with the history book: 99

As one of the prime ministers in Chu, Ri En proves to be capable politician and holds great political powers in the state and can make key decisions for his people.


As a prime ministers, Ri En have a decent leadership as he is able to make necessary commands in Chu court.

Tactical Abilities[]

Ri En have a decent tactical abilities as he was aware of a potential opportunity if Qin fails their invasion to capture Gyou in Zhao.


Ri En is a skilled politician as he created a new temporary "Double Prime Minster" system for his home state. Having Ka Rin to accept the position of prime minister, it quickly stabilized the Chu politics within a month. Even Shou Hei Kun and Kai Oku were surprised by this development and estimated that Ri En might be a better politician than themselves.

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